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Lucid Dreaming
Brainwave Course
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Product Information


Lucid dreaming is a state in which you become aware that you are dreaming while the dream progresses. Thus, it becomes possible to exert conscious control over the dream, and perform otherwise physically impossible feats.

This brainwave CD can help you experience lucid dreams. It triggers wake-initiated lucid dream (W.I.L.D.), where you go into a dream state directly from usage of the course. Over time, using this course will also induce dream-initiated lucid dream (D.I.L.D) where you gain consciousness of your dream while it happens.

This course can open new doors for you within the realms of lucid dreams. Experience it like never before! Imagine the possibilities, where you gain full control over your dreams, and where you can accomplish things you never thought you could.

This Brainwave Entrainment course has been crafted and designed with sophisticated programs and thorough knowledge of the science to provide the most absolute and enjoyable experience for the user. The frequencies, rates, and beats used in this course were specifically chosen for the very purpose of this course, and carefully optimized to provide the best results possible. Find out more about us here.

Course length: 56 min. 14 sec.
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Recommendations: Listen to the course daily. Do not use this course while driving.

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This course contains Combined Brainwave Therapy™

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