Astral Projection is the interpretation of an out of body experience. The understanding of astral travel takes into account the existence of another body, separate from the physical one, which is able to travel to non-physical dimensions of existence. It is often referred to as the spirit leaving the physical body to travel in the spiritual dimension.

This course can help you travel to this spiritual dimension. Experience all that astral travel really is and learn more about yourself and the world beyond the everyday, all vividly. Facilitate an out of body experience, and let it guide you towards this controversial & mystical phenomenon. Learn about this type of experience and what it might reveal about yourself. This brainwave DVD will help you feel and live out of body experiences like never before!

This Brainwave Entrainment course has been crafted and designed with sophisticated programs and thorough knowledge of the science to provide the most absolute and enjoyable experience for the user. The frequencies, rates, and beats used in this course were specifically chosen for the very purpose of this course, and carefully optimized to provide the best results possible.

Check out a sample of our 3D visual technology below:

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