Are you overweight or out of shape? Do you find it very difficult to get yourself in the right mindset to lose those extra pounds, keep them off, and have greater control over yourself? Now, you have the proper tool to transform yourself into the person you truly want to be!

This weight loss hypnosis DVD is the first of its class. Filled with positive reinforcement, powerful suggestions, and logical motivation, this course is much more effective than any other on the market.

Advanced 3D visuals are proven to be more effective than conventional audio programs. What is truly amazing with this new powerful technology is that the image tranformations are directly dependent on the audio, meaning that the most subtle changes in tone, frequency, and modulation dictates how the visual images appear. This makes it seem like the images are literally coming alive and talking to you. This creates a more personal experience, more hypnotic, and much more fascinating!

This 3D Visual Stimulation DVD program is light years more advanced than anything else available on the market. The combination of focused hypnotic suggestion and subliminal 3D visual information is extremely powerful and will allow you to rapidly regain control over your weight issues.

This weight loss hypnosis DVD uses audio/video neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and covers the most important aspects of weight control & weight loss; such as positive attitude, adding & enjoying exercise/activities to your lifestyle, changing your eating habits, etc.

Most importantly, this weight loss hypnosis DVD fills your entire being with the confidence, the desire, and the determination to put those ideas into action. This is what makes this hypnosis weight loss DVD the most powerful of its kind. Get started on a successful path to losing weight and getting into top shape. Feel the change within you guaranteed!

This course is taught by a registered clinical hypnotherapist certified by elite organizations such as the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Also our hypnotherapist is a world renowned personal/business coach & motivation expert. This course uses custom-made hypnosis scripts, neuro associative techniques and the power of motivational suggestion & inspiration of the utmost quality.

Check out a sample of our 3D visual technology below:

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