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Attending a seminar live is an amazing event. The sheer motivation that you get out of a place full of energized people that are there for the same reason as you are is truly powerful. I have written an article about Why You Should Attend a Motivational Seminar, you might want to read it, so that you see all of the benefits it can provide you with.

In any event, Anthony Robbins and his team have passed along to me a special offer for anyone that wants to attend his upcoming live event Oct. 22-25 in Chicago, Illinois. Check out the details below:

Greetings from the Anthony Robbins Team! We wanted to take a moment to remind you about all of our exciting Live Event promotions. Our signature event, Unleash the Power Within, is truly a life changing experience. Whether it’s losing weight, mastering your finances, running a successful business, or even finding that special someone, Tony Robbins can show you the path to success. At our UPW events, Tony helps people break through the fears that hold them back, create momentum in their lives, and develop the physical vitality and energy they need to live fully and passionately.

Out with old excuses. In with new goals. See Tony Robbins LIVE in Chicago! Limited Time-Buy One Ticket, Get One Free!

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