principles of success

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8- Controlled Attention. This consists in concentrating your mind on one desire until you find and put into action the ways to realize it. Success demands a lot of focus. Proper and controlled reflexion on a subject gives light to new ideas, new concepts, etc. This generates a lot of power.

9- Enthusiasm. This is a very powerful emotion. It starts and ends within your mind. Enthusiasm is harmony and confidence. It is the consciousness of a rapport between yourself and the source of the power of accomplishment. Speak with enthusiasm and assurance, act with confidence, and watch enthusiasm multiply and spread among all around you 🙂

10- Imagination. This is the “workshop” of the soul where all plans of personal accomplishment are crafted. Mankind’s most precious gift is its thinking mind. It analyzes, compares, chooses. It creates, visualizes, predicts, and generates ideas. Imagination is your mind’s exercises, its challenge & adventure.

11- Learning Through Adversity. Adversity is a part of life. Every gesture, situation, or choice, has a cause and effect. Within adversity, we live situations in which its effects become very obvious. The cause is sometimes known or not, or it is simply incomprehensible. We react with strong emotions, and ask “Why?” Every difficulty contains within itself the seed for an equivalent or superior advantage. Our attitude in difficult moments determine the effect, positive or negative, that they will have on our life.

12- Time & Money Management. Just like everyone else, your days consist of 24 hours. Therefore, you have the same possibility as anyone else to utilize this time properly. In today’s world, it seems like we have “less” time, because of the faster pace, and the abundance of information and growth. It is our duty, just like throughout history with all the evolutions that humans have gone through to adapt to these settings. Time management is one of the toughest principles to master, but one of the most precious. Money management is a question of serious importance. The majority of the population live beyond their means. How much time do we have to learn how to properly manage our finances? All the time in the world…

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