There are 3 important keys that anyone that desires a truly fulfilling life must include as part of their existence.  Making these keys an integral part of you, will undoubtedly reshape your outlook and destiny in ways you never imagined.  If you want to truly take in this wild ride that is your life to its fullest, here are the 3 keys that can enhance your experience:

Aspire to gain more knowledge.  There is no limit to the amount you can learn.  Can you believe that 95% of the population read 1 book or less per year?  Think of the knowledge at your fingertips on the web.  On this site alone there are over 450 articles that can spark transformation and improvement within you.  Make it your duty to always go into the details and learn as much as possible.  Study your craft, your work, whatever it is that you do.  Take the time to learn everything there is about it.

If you are at a roadblock or are void of an answer or solution, seek it.  Go out there and get your hands dirty.  Research, everything can be found out.  Only by searching can we find a solution.  Don’t wait for an answer to come to you.  It may or it may not.  But if you initiate the search, you will find your solution, no doubt about it.  Dare to ask the questions that haven’t been asked, and be curious enough to search where few dare to search.  It’s this way that you can come across true gems.

It’s one thing to study and do your research, but all of that is pointless if you do not properly capture the information or the moment.  When you capture something, it becomes a part of you.  You have it right there within your being.  Capturing is experiencing completely.  Make it a point to feel things, and to get close and touch, taste, hear, and see.  Go out in the world and experience all that you can.  The more senses you include, the easier the information and experience is properly captured.  Don’t just be a spectator in your life, but make life flow right through you!

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  1. Spot on!

    I truly believe in the study and research elements of this post. The capture part was an interesting point certainly see the validity in it.

    Learning and growing are constant activities that we all should consciously engage in otherwise we risk experiencing a very dull life with a lack of meaning to it.

    As you mentioned here too Frederic, there are really no excuses now not to research with the internet literally placing the world at our fingertips, it's criminal.

    Great post, thanks.

  2. Inspiration, motivation and optimism play an important role in achieving a better and happier life. Everybody wishes for happiness and success in life but, there are very few who actually get what they desire. And, this is because they fear failure. You should try to keep yourself motivated and confident and never give up. Remember, that failure is the first step toward success. So, help yourself by reading motivational quotes and success stories of others around you.

  3. Hi,

    Undoubtedly, by making these important keys an integral part of your life, you can reshape your life. But, I must say that you should always try to keep yourself happy and motivated in order to combat the difficulties in life. You can do so by reading the success stories of others and using motivational words in your life.

  4. These 3 keys will certainly help with being a happier, healthier person. I will use these!

  5. You are missing the essence of what is meant by “studying”. Being a student of the game does not mean to sit down with a book and read! It's more than that, it's about experiencing, and being a sponge for everything around you. That's what living is….you mention expanding one's mind, and wouldn't that be called studying? In this context, studying doesn't mean being a bookworm, it means being hungry to know and become more.


  6. I love this site & I was interested to see what the three keys were, but to be honest I was dissapointed on reading this – study & research are irrelevant – expanding ones mind & living & experiencing life are good keys to life – sitting down & reading & studying it is not really worthwhile. Life is for living. Not being an armchair know-it-all.


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