Want to create motivation so strong that you can shake the ground you walk on? It’s possible, as long as it is based out of the following three states:

This is when you hit a wall and say to yourself “I’ve had enough”. I remember in school, there was this one class I was struggling with. I was usually a good student but I kept getting poor grades in that particular class. On top of it, the teacher would tell everyone your grade as you went up to pick up your test. I still remember the look on her face when she looked at the paper as she was about to call my name. I was so embarrassed and disgusted with myself, that when I went up to get the paper, I told her “This is the last time you will see a grade like this with my name on it”. I was so serious about it too. The next test, when she called my name, she only said “great work”. I had 96% on that test. The next one, she said to the whole class, “Remember how Frederic said he was never going to get a bad grade again? Looks like he is really doing it! Congratulations, Frederic, you got the highest grade in the whole class.” I finished with an A in that class. Just to show you that sometimes you need to be so disgusted with yourself to fuel your motivation to change your ways.

A decision usually comes from an inspiration, and when unleashed, it creates shock waves of motivation. I got into the business world at quite an early age. I was 20 years old when I started my first business. I had a job at a marketing company from the age of 19 till I left to start my business. I remember when I left that job, I told myself, “I will never work for anyone ever again”. In that instant, I made a decision, a big one mind you, but a decision so decisive that it shaped my entire future. Sure, I’ve had my ups and downs throughout the years. Some businesses worked and some did not. But I stuck to my decision that I made at age 20. To me, there was no other option, but to keep going and work for myself and be my own boss. There were moments that I got myself into huge debts, and in the early years of starting a business, there are no guarantees that money will be coming in consistently. I could have just said, “the heck with this” and went back to work somewhere and make a decent wage. But I never did. That’s how powerful a decision is. It creates a one way path. There is no other way around it. That’s unshakeable motivation!

When you want something bad enough, you always find a way to make it happen. I remember when I got my first car. Everyone around me was telling me how expensive insurance was and how gas was so pricey. I was doing calculations, and I just couldn’t afford a new car. I wanted a brand new car, I didn’t want a used one (which looking back would have made it a lot easier to have!) and have unexpected surprises. I lived an hour away from school and the city and having a car meant a whole new lifestyle. I craved for that freedom. I wanted it so bad that I found a way. I was able to shuffle a few things around in my budget, give up on certain expenses and on some extra features on the car, but overall, it was very close to what I wanted to begin with. When you desire something, you will sum up enough motivation and drive to make it a reality. Everything is possible, you just have to want it bad enough for it to happen.

Now of course these are simple examples, but you get the idea.  These three states can dramatically alter your motivation.  It creates a mutation in your willpower and magic can happen!

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  1. Great article. I found that all three states can also come as stages. You become disgusted at your current situation so you make a decision to make a change and you follow through using your intense desire to make that change.


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