I have just updated my list of Highly Recommended Personal Development Books with three more titles that I have truly enjoyed reading!  I definitely encourage you to get your hands on these books as they each contain a wonderfully deep wealth of information:

Social Intelligence by Daniel Goleman
From the author that brought you Emotional Intelligence, he now breaks down every aspect of the social game & shows you how to master it. It’s definitely a very heavy book. It needs your full attention to truly have the information (which is substantial) sink in.

Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins
The book that propulsed Robbins to the pinnacle of personal development. Although written almost 20 years ago, I found it to be extremely informative & the examples, even if 20 years old (talks of Reagan as President for example), make sense. Very logical book with tons of practice examples to turn life around!

The Definitive Book of Body Language by Barbara & Allen Pease
An amazing book that goes through the definition of body language in great detail. Contains useful illustrations to give a visual interpretation of the content. This book is a fascinating read. You will find yourself thinking about the information learned in this book whenever you are in a social situation!

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  1. I really enjoyed Social Intelligence Frederic – after all the writing about emotional intelligence and its focus on the individual, it was interesting to read Daniel Goleman’s take on looking at this from a social perspective and what occurs with our interactions with other people. Not least, it really made sense when he talked about the effect of being around very negative people and how this can impact on one’s own well being. A really interesting read.


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