If there is one constant in this world that no one has an advantage over another, is that we all have 24 hours per day; nothing more, nothing less. So how come some people seem just overwhelmed yet others breeze through each day without concern or worry? It’s all about how you manage your time and how you perceive its use. Here are some tips that have helped me better allocate my time each day.

Law of control
Probably the most crucial point is to overcome the mentality that time is uncontrollable and start thinking that you have the ability to control, assess, and use time in any way you wish. This is what some call the “law of control”, or locus of control, where you believe that you have a hand in how time unravels. You must start believing that you can do something about it, and that you can better manage your time. Once you start thinking along these lines, everything else starts changing. You are just realizing what has been there all along, in that you CAN control time and make it work for you.

Think about what you are doing
Most people run around throughout their day, going from one task to another, without much thought. They are on some automatic pilot mode and then wonder where all the time has gone. Take the time, perhaps 20-30 minutes per day to think about what it is exactly that you are doing, which direction you are heading in and what your goals are. I guarantee you, this 20-30 minutes will save 4-7 hours per week. It keeps your goals fresh in your mind and enhances your concentration. This tip has certainly made significant strides in my own life.

Say no to irrelevant tasks
More than 50% of what people do each day is irrelevant to their goals or tasks at hand. Don’t get caught up in doing things that are not on your list of things to do. Learn to say no because you have better fish to fry. This, of course, is an acquired taste, as the more you say no, the better you get used to it. As well, pay attention to how you allocate your time and keep asking yourself, is this the best use of my time right now? This will help lower the common distractions that people experience, especially when it comes to wasting time on the web or watching television for example.

Add 30% rule
This is a tip that has really helped me tremendously. I was always worried about running out of time when it came time to completing tasks, and this could cause paralysis and then nothing gets done. Give yourself a buffer zone. Figure out the time it takes to complete the task and give it an extra 30% buffer so that your conscious mind knows that you have ample time and stops worrying about the clock. Trust me, you will feel so much better, it will accentuate your focus, and you will get a lot more work done.

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  1. really time is such resource.. we have as much as president..

  2. Glad you enjoyed those tips Megan 🙂

  3. it works really well. Best time to do that is in the morning, so that you put everything that you have been doing lately and what you are about to do that day into perspective.

  4. I actually do this 30% thing when I need to go somewhere. Like if I have a meeting at 4pm, I aim to get there 30 minutes before. And mainly because of the terrible traffic in my country.
    And I like the law of control. It says it all there, how to control time. You make the time, you control the time. And there's always time, if you squeeze hard enough, you would find that there is always time. Personally, I follow these steps http://sn.im/uxpn3 and I find that I do really have time for other stuff.

  5. I like the time of 2030 minutes daily to start organizing your time manangement. I trully believe it save you some hours weekly.


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