1. Eat Healthy – Fats clog the plumbing and take time and energy to absorb into the body. The huge fat content in that drive-through burger you just devoured is why you will feel tired and sluggish an hour or two later. So, cut the crap. Avoid fatty foods. Also avoid processed foods that cause your blood sugar levels to careen up-and-down like a roller-coaster. Eat unprocessed whole grain foods, green veggies, healthy proteins, and the like. You know what you should be eating.

2. Eat Moderately – The trick is to stop eating BEFORE you feel full. Push the plate of food away. Your plate should not have been heaping to begin with. Wait about twenty minutes and your body will catch up with that satisfied, full-tummy feeling. Always get up from the table feeling like you could have eaten just a little more.

3. Exercise – You don’t need to be the next Charlie Atlas or DVD Cover Girl for Marble Chiseled Buns. You don’t need to leave the gym each day feeling like you have just been in a car accident. Exercise in moderation is sufficient. Walking is always a good choice. Take the stairs. Park in the far corner of the lot (providing it is safe). If you go to the gym, always finish your workout feeling like you could have done a few more sets.

4. Take Frequent Breaks – Divide your hour into quarters. Work hard for 45 minutes and then take a 15 minute break. If your work is sedentary, use the 15 minutes to move around. If your work is active, do the opposite. Better yet, do whatever you want during your break. 15 minutes every hour may seem like a huge commitment for taking breaks, but compensating by really pouring it on the remaining three-quarters of each hour is enough for near-peak productivity, and for striking a nice balance.

5. Ginseng, Garlic, and Gimmicks – Stay away from the stuff that is obviously unhealthy, like the caffeine drinks. Caffeine is the most used psychoactive drug in our society and a dead end on the road to increased energy. Open your mind to the other stuff. Many people swear by the energy-boasting effects of ginseng. And garlic may be more useful than just for warding off vampires; garlic may also benefit your energy level. Do the research and give something gimmicky a try, as long as you’re sure it’s healthy— keep your quest for increased energy interesting and experimental.

You can do it.

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  1. Real nice one and expecting more on weight loss.

  2. Real nice one and expecting more on weight loss.


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