What would you say if I told you that you can enhance the quality of your life, today, right now, in just a few simple steps?  Here is the breakdown of each simple concept and how you can apply them into your life:

Pay attention to details

The truly charming things in life, are the subtleties.  Look at the shape & color of flowers, smell the aroma coming from the bakery, or the taste of a freshly pressed juice.  A lot of very nice, soothing things we take for granted and don’t take the time to actually enjoy.  So make it a habit of stopping and allowing yourself to enjoy these little wonders of life.  As well, whatever you do, do it with precision.  Take notice of the details in your work and make it better.  You may not think that people would ever notice, but they do.  Just like you begin to notice the particular shape of a flower, one day it is your work that will inspire someone else 😉

Do things passionately

Nothing is really worth it unless you put your heart and soul into it.  This applies to any seemingly meaningless thing.  Everything has a meaning and a purpose for existing in your life.  So make sure to do it with passion!  Passion can make you look at something that you always perceived as in black & white, and all of a sudden, it is in color.  Doing something passionately involves not just giving it your all to make sure the end result is of the highest quality, but it is about thinking of the impact it will have on others that come across it.  Life gains more value by incorporating passion into your every day life.  On a related note, you might interested in reading about Finding Your True Passion.

Respect your body

The way we feel inside can typically be related or influenced by our outer self.  Your body is this vessel that you have been given, which allows you to experience life in all of its three-dimensional glory.  Care for it, nurture it, and protect it.  You are only given one body.  Make it count, by treating it with the respect that it deserves.  Your body is dynamic, and it will respond to care and nurture, which will in turn make you feel better deep within you.  This isn’t so much about exercising and keeping fit; this is about recognizing your body as a temple within which you reside.  So fuel it properly, and don’t let it break down due to carelessness.  Your life will be that much better.

Learn to forgive

Life is full of trials and tribulations, and we have all been wronged.  However, not being able to let go and forgive reinforces that moment and turns it from an instant to an eternity.  Carrying such a weight around isn’t pleasant, and it keeps you from truly enjoying life.  While you cannot change what happened, you can control how you react to it.  Be the better person, and let go of animosity, anger, and resentment.  Once you get rid of all that baggage, only then will you truly be able to feel and experience life as you should be.

You’re the most important person

It may sound egotistical, but it is not.  In order to be the best YOU for everything and everyone around you, you need to care for yourself, and this comes by putting yourself first.  This is why on an airplane they tell you to put your mask on first before you help put it on others.  If you are not at your best, then you cannot assist others properly.  Make this mindset the norm for every aspect of your life.  A better you can only make the world better, and this is what we need.

Devote time to your dreams

When I was younger, I used to love playing hockey.  I would play every single day and couldn’t get enough of it.  Although a career in hockey wasn’t in the cards, it remained a dream.  This is why I still play almost every week.  It keeps me connected to my childhood dream.  Plus, I am doing something I always enjoyed to do.  This brings value to my life.  So think back to some of your dreams.  Is there any way that you can give some time to revisiting it?  You will quickly realize that it’s not about making it into a huge success or having it as a full-time job…the activity itself, the act of doing it makes you happy.  This can unquestionably heighten your quality of life like never before!

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  1. great write up! 🙂 looking life positively can give you much meaningful life. but positive is not just enough. be passionate as said by Moustafa Hamwi – the passion guy. because giving compassion will not just make everything beautiful but also can affect others. thank you.

  2. Great Post! Some very good things in this.

  3. Good points mentioned in the article, but I found two points that are doing things passionately and giving time to your dreams more important. Other points are the basic points that each one should follow.

  4. Regarding devoting time to dreams: I guess it sounds more like having a hobby. If it was a real dream, you would pursue a career in sports. Don’t you think?

  5. I heard an interesting story recently in a video from Zig Ziglar about respecting your body.

    He asks a crowd of people if any of them have a million dollar race horse. No one raises their hands.

    Then he asks, if you DID have a million dollar race horse, would you let him drink, smoke, and stay up all night?

    No of course not! You’d feed him the best hay, have the best veterinarians, and treat that horse like gold.

    Well you have a billion dollar body. Treat it accordingly.

  6. It’s the simple things in life that matter the most. Great post!

  7. Everyone should be driven by their dreams and passion, i couldn’t agree more with all the points in this article…


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