There are the old tried and true methods to getting in better shape and prolonging your life, but most of us have already tried them all. There are ways to improve your health that are non-traditional and involve ideas and activities that most of us would never even think of.

• Go ahead and fidget. People who fidget burn more calories than people who can hold still. So, feel free to swing your legs at your desk, tap your feet and pace when you are talking on the phone.

• If you live in the city, skip the subway or bus transfers and walk the rest of the way to work. This is great exercise; just be sure that you wear walking shoes and change into your dress shoes when you get to the office.

• Use weights at your desk to keep your arms toned. Doing a few curls here and there can really add up over time.

• Eat as many veggies as you want. Keep a supply of non-starchy vegetables on hand at all times to avoid eating unhealthy snacks. Good ones for munching are carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, cucumbers and radishes.

• Always bring your lunch instead of buying at a restaurant or the cafeteria. This will save you a lot of calories and money.

• You should never go to a restaurant hungry. This is a recipe for disaster. You should eat an ounce of low fat cheese or drink a glass of vegetable juice before you arrive so that the edge is off of your hunger. Try to start your meal with a serving of broth based soup to further cut your hunger before the meal arrives.

• Never eat at your desk or in front of the television. If you need a snack go to the break room and at home only eat in the kitchen or dining room.

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