Whether it’s new friends, someone we want to date, or perhaps a current or potentially new employer, it seems like we are always trying to impress someone! There are actually a few simple & subtle things that you can do that will help impress anyone, anywhere, anytime:

1- Respect their space
Everyone has their own “bubble”, where we only like it if certain people come in it. Usually, that’s reserved for people that are close to us. There is nothing that can be more obnoxious to people than to invade their personal space. Watch where you are standing, and make sure to give the person you want to impress ample room to feel comfortable in their little “bubble 🙂 Come to think of it, I wish more salespeople knew about this…don’t you find it annoying when you walk into a store and the sales clerk is right in your face? You see how an invasion of space can turn people right off, remember that!

2- Pay attention
One of the best silent compliments you can ever make to someone is to pay attention to what they are saying. I don’t mean just listening, but actually engaging with what is talked about and becoming a part of the situation. Standing there silently doesn’t mean you are paying attention. You may be listening, but you aren’t registering and engaging, which is important to impress someone. People want to know you care. Show them that you do, and you have won major points.

3- Be polite
Everyone has their own unique level of acceptance when it comes to foul language, jokes, and sayings. Cover all your bases and just be very polite. Sometimes, all it takes is one comment and the deal is broken! So make sure that you speak properly, no obscenities or use of swear words. Make sure your jokes are completely clean and won’t offend anyone. Remember the old Chinese saying Politeness wins the confidence of princes.

4- Talk slowly
Speaking at an accelerated rate is not only confusing to whomever is listening, but it is a sign of being nervous and/or a sign that you want to get something past them. When a salesman calls you, are you more likely to listen to him if he speaks slowly and in control, or if he speaks very quickly? I bet you’d be more likely to buy from the slow talker. Slow and controlled talking gives the impression that you are giving thought to what you are saying. Plus it gives them the chance to talk back and be a part of the conversation, which is what you want if you want to impress them. Stay away from any monologues!

5- Eye contact
This is a tricky one. For one, eye contact is good, and needed. However, you don’t want to go overboard. Too much eye contact can make some people uncomfortable and that can be a huge deal breaker. The key is to find a happy medium and look at them in the eyes when you are saying a particular point that you want them to remember and pay attention to. You also do not want to look like you are avoiding eye contact with them. So make sure that you do have some eye contact. A good trick is to look away while you move your hands or arms or shift your body position. It makes it look less awkward and takes the focus away from the eyes 😉

6- Don’t reveal too much
Leaving people wanting more is a great way to impress anyone. You don’t want to reveal all your cards in one big swoop! Too much transparency can be seen as a little desperate and no one is impressed by desperation. What you want is for that person to know that there is much more to you than what you have showed them so far. Mystery is appealing, so use that to your advantage. Don’t talk about things that are too personal too soon, or talk about issues or problems you may have had in the past in great details. Knowing that there is much more to discover is impressive.

7- Smile
Just like eye contact, this is wonderful in moderation. You don’t want to have a silly grin on your face the whole time, nor do you want to seem like you’d rather be anywhere else! Again, it’s the happy medium rule. Smile when they say something funny (without overdoing it), and speak with a half smile. Smiling is actually very powerful. You can change someone’s whole behavior towards you simply by flashing a quick innocent smile. Did you know that they train telephone sales rep to speak with a smile on their face? Because even without seeing their face, you can still feel the smile in their voice. And it makes a huge difference in sales. That’s how powerful smiling really is!

8- Don’t try too hard
Last point is to just relax, chill out, and don’t over analyze everything. If you do what feels right, you will probably incorporate all of these points without even knowing it. Everyone has a certain charm, a likability, that comes through when they are just being themselves. We are all unique, and we all have that special intangible in our own little way. If you get a little nervous, just take a few deeper breaths, and remind yourself that impressing someone else starts with impressing yourself, and the quickest & most effective way to impress yourself is to just be yourself 😉

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  1. These 8 points make me a wonderful creative minds thanks alot

  2. yaah…all this points works…
    ..u knw what…yeasterday…i gave the speech….
    ..abt corruption…as m a youngster…i have lot of knwledge ..abt such a tpics….
    so…it means…our confindence level depends on…our knwledge and presence of mind…..wow its so easy…..hahaha….

  3. Yes! Number one… Respect. 🙂 Respect them for them to respect you too. Now you’re so impressive. 😉

  4. yes [the comments above really helped me to impress him……..this is just like anything u do 4 someone……i would say to b confident,a preety smile on face,soft speech,….can definitly impress any one around u”

  5. ya its very much impressive,with out the knowledge in some we too follow this so i think this will help in my daily life thanku

  6. the points r really cool….but if uh truely luv sum1 and u want him/her…god wil help uh throught…but stil…i have to say dat “Beauty is nt on d face itz in d Heart” !!!!!! so no need to inculcate the points,it wil work magically if uh…r good enough…:) thnk uh..

  7. Frederic,

    Thanks for the great article. We come across lots of articles on success. This is very good information! We like your website as well.

    Paying attention is so key to impressing somone as well. This was the point that most sticks out to me. Again, thank you for the nice work!


    Jeff Moore

  8. set a role model for you who has a charismatic appeal. just study his life style and body language and try to apply in your life. this will try to boost up ur confidence initially .

  9. i am not so social . because i cant impressed anyone .
    so what can i do ?

  10. what you have written in your article is good . good is the enemy of great.

  11. A great lacture, i really agree with you, thats very good work,


  13. Every one need care ad love beauty and personality doesn’t matter. If your attitude is caring then people like to be your friend any how I found your website very informative and intersting

  14. Great advice. These days I am trying to groom myself & this is among the best ones. A program to make you sound smart & impressive is ‘Espoir Smart Communication’ series. I have gained insightful knowledge about the world, people interactions & myself too.

  15. i really need more advice! im a shy girl infront of him but when im with my friends im as weird as anything, i just dont know wat to do.

    also any tips on singing:
    my brother and couple of friends say im really good
    but im not so sure also i dont know how to become more confident here is my email cookiestar_@hotmail.co.uk PLEASE HELP

  16. strongly agree with the tips given 🙂

  17. dear sir I want this litrature as a book. can you arrange for me. plz reply me if u can. my email id is charanjeetsingh2007@yahoo.co.in

  18. I found this to be very helpful and i wish I would of read it before i started my job but i guess it’s never too late to change.

  19. I found this to be very helpful and i wish I would of read it before i started my job but i guess it’s never too late to change.

  20. Hi Ron,

    yes, asking questions is very good. That’s what I meant by engaging with them in point #2, but yeah, asking questions shows that you care about their opinion and that impresses anyone 😉

  21. Great list!
    I would add to engage them in conversation by asking questions about their interests. Don’t just talk about yourself.

  22. Great list!
    I would add to engage them in conversation by asking questions about their interests. Don’t just talk about yourself.


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