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I’ve been doing research on the antisocial personality disorder, and found it quite fascinating. It’s amazing how this disorder can dictate one’s life and self destruct it completely. Humans need to socialize and create bonds with others to succeed in every aspect of life. Needless to say, an inability to properly socialize with others results in quite a miserable, unhealthy, unfulfilled life. Here are some of the symptoms of the antisocial personality disorder:

– inability to follow the norms & laws; results in potential criminal behavior
– deceitful and is comfortable lying and conning others for fun or to make money.
– easily irritated and very aggressive
– unable to deal with responsibilities; can’t keep a job, or pay debts properly
– lack of remorse, and careless about the feelings of others
– incapable to maintain healthy long relationships with other people
– unable to learn lessons from past experiences; repeats the same errors over and over
– always blames others for their misfortunes; it’s never their fault, they are the “victim”
– continuously agitated or depressed
– a history of behavioral problems as a child
– very impulsive and reckless
– has a sense of extreme entitlement; feels everybody owes them
– has a grandiose sense of self; very big ego

There is no known cause for this disorder. However it is believed that genetics and biological factors come into play. Child trauma, like abuse, or exposure to violence is also believed to be a cause. Interestingly, this disorder is about 6 times more likely in males than females. About 6% of males and 1% of females in the population suffer from this disorder. Ironically, roughly 3/4 of prisoners are believed to have this disorder.

Psychotherapy is usually the route taken to treat this disorder. However, it is extremely rare for such people to seek help on their own. In their minds, there is nothing wrong with them. Usually, if they follow treatment, it is forced by a spouse or by a court mandate. Since they rarely have close rewarding relationships with others, their relationship with the therapist is one hope to break that ice, but the therapist needs to gingerly navigate through the discussions to gain their trust and keep a neutral stance. Only then, can there be the opportunity for improvement.

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