We all get our inspirations from everyone & everything that happens around us.  So it should be no surprise that in return, we can inspire other people.  What better way to give back to this world than to inspire everyone around you?  I remember a quote from Tupac Shakur that said “I may not change the world, but I will spark the mind of the one that will.”  It’s one of the best gifts that you can provide to this world and specifically, to the ones that are close to you.  Here are some ways that you can ensure that you create inspiration everywhere around you:

Tell the truth
There is something about honesty that we all appreciate.  When you think about it, has a liar ever been inspiring?  Maybe, but that doesn’t last.  You see, truth has a way of always coming to light.  It can take some time, but usually, the truth comes out.  Telling the truth makes sure that your word is gold, and that you will never disappoint anyone in the process.  I have a friend that is brutally honest, and I admire this person very much, because what you see is what you get.  There are no smoke and mirrors.  Telling the truth peels all the layers away and the real person is exposed.  There is no trickery or manipulation, it’s all genuine and to me, I find this extremely inspiring.  If we all would get inspired to tell the truth in this world, how things would be different!

Live passionately
The Olympics are coming up in a few days, and the entire world will witness these incredible athletes perform what they are truly passionate about.  I can watch someone excel in swimming and it will inspire me in my own endeavors.  Have you ever watched a singer perform in a way that it touched you?  This is passion coming through to you.  In return, you can live your own life passionately and everyone around you will be inspired because the emotions become crystal clear.  We know right away when someone does something with passion.  It has that little extra, it touches us in our heart.  One of the most popular articles I have ever written is 7 Questions To Finding Your True Passion.  Thousands of people have been really touched by it and this shows how important it is to live passionately.

Keep your promises
There is nothing more disappointing than someone that does not keep their promise.  Once you disappoint someone, you can never inspire them.  Because they will never look at you the same way.  When someone doesn’t keep a promise with me, I feel the way a kid feels when they find out that santa claus doesn’t exist.  That magic is gone, those expectations that this individual is a great person fade away.  It’s truly unfortunate.  This is why I make it a point to keep my word, no matter what.  I do not want to disappoint people.  I was inspired by my mother who genuinely goes out of her way to help people.  She’s never broken a promise to me.  There is something so wise about it, I just had to follow this same path.  Hopefully I can inspire others to follow through as well!

Sometimes, the best gift you can give to someone is to just listen to them.  By nature, being a curious person about how other people function and finding out what makes them tick, I became a very good listener.  I know the impact it has had on the many friends around me that I spend time listening to.  People need to be heard, it could be something really silly or something totally not important…do not judge and just be there in full, open your two ears, and just pay attention.  This super simple act can truly create inspiration all around you.  Being a good listener is one of the most respected skills anyone can ever have, because it’s a selfless act.  I highly regard people that spend time listening to what I have to say, and it inspires me to continue doing the same.

Along the same lines as listening, by donating your time and your wealth, you can help inspire those around you.  I have tremendous respect for people that go out of their way to fight for a particular cause, such as cancer research, helping overcome poverty, cleaning up the environment, and the likes.  It inspires me to do the same and share some of my time and wealth to help other people and contribute to such causes.  Sharing is such a beautiful act, one that we simply cannot help but to be in awe of.  It’s powerful indeed, and such power creates massive inspiration.  Donate some of your time and watch how it changes everyone in your surroundings.

Such a small act, yet such a large impact.  The power of a smile can transform anyone, anywhere, in an instant.  I remember once I had bought a defective appliance and had to go back to the store multiple times to straighten it out.  Being not too pleased, I ended up dealing with this lady who was a supervisor and instead of having attitude with me, she smiled and made some small jokes to lighten up the mood.  It worked so well.  Everything that made me impatient and cranky completely lifted off me.  It was truly inspiring, and I do the same when I deal with clients or when I speak with a friend that is going through a rough time.  A simple smile can truly change everything.

Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  It starts with us.  It’s by inspiring others that we can get the ball rolling and make a difference in this world.

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  1. This is such rich and rewarding work. I stumbled upon your site by searching for “inspire” in google. I am taking on the same exact iniative. Finding it hard to get people to contribute to my Facebook page, but this is a work in progress!

    Thanks very much for your perspective. Even those who try to focus on the positive can feel “down” sometimes and this was a great pick-me-up.

    If you ever have an interest in reading or contributing something inspires you, please visit my page:!/pages/Inspiration-Nation/181001425309693

    Enjoyment & sucess,


  2. This really inspired me, so i’m going to inspire others and hopefully it will take on from there ;)…..please feel free to email me at…

  3. starting today with smile……good for everybody

  4. starting today with smile……good for everybody

  5. Good list. This is my favorite, Live Passionatly. If you want to inspire others you have to inspire yourself.

  6. Good list. This is my favorite, Live Passionatly. If you want to inspire others you have to inspire yourself.

  7. Its amazing how simple things is all we need to spread some inspiration around.


  8. Its amazing how simple things is all we need to spread some inspiration around.



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