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I’ve been surprised at times at how rampant this issue really is. Everyone it seems has someone close to them, whether it be an acquaintance, a coworker, or a family member, that emanates enough negative energy to make you feel horrible and ruin your day. The question is, what is the best way to dealing with such people?

You have to weigh the importance of your relationship with that person, and see how it compares to the weight of your own well being and success. Is your well being more important than your friendship? Can this person be shown the light, and is it worth your trouble? These are some of the questions to ask yourself.

The bottom line is, nothing should stand in your way towards success, and your goals. Friends and people close to you should make you feel GOOD. That’s why they are close to you to begin with! Because they made you feel good at some point. If that isn’t the case anymore, then a reassessment of the relationship should be taken. Maybe this person shouldn’t be that close to you anymore. Things happen and people take different paths in life.

You should make your point very clear with such a person. Say it loud that you do not put up with pointless negative attitudes, and that it accomplishes nothing in the end. You see, many people out there revel in the misery of others, even the ones close to them, and one way for these people to feel better is to bring people down to their level (because it is too hard for them to bring themselves up a level!) with such negative thinking. Your tolerance should be 0. Why is that? Because negative thinking is like a parasite. It multiplies itself all over until it is completely encompassing everything around it. Next thing you know, there you are doubting yourself and second guessing everything you do. Your confidence is shot and you end up feeling worthless. Your friend’s negative thoughts have now been passed onto you! That’s not where you want to be heading huh?

Remember this: You cannot be well with others, if you are not well within yourself first. Therefore, anything that may affect your inner well being and your confidence should be eliminated before its too late, because negative thinking gets worse and worse if not taken care of…it feeds on itself. Cutting off a few negative people from your loop of friends will only make your “good” relationships with other friends even better, as you will be in a much better & positive frame of mind. Friends and family are supposed to make each other feel good, and help each other, not trip each other and bring each other down. Keep that in mind when you are re-evaluating the type of friends you have around you 😉

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  1. Jessie…

    I love the info and have bookmarked your blog. Haver you thought of doing a vlog describing this stuff?…


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