If you’ve ever seen the game show that asks you to choose a door, any door or pick a card, any card, it may not have taken long for you to realize your options were limited from the start. Of the many doors or cards, your host already knew the game plan; the probability you’d choose one card over the other or make an error choosing the loser door.

Fortunately, life’s opportunities are vaster than the options presented to you in a mere game. In order to understand and fully utilize this, you will need to hone your opportunity awareness, which is your ability to see improvements in your circumstances.

Think about this for a moment: select any mistake you’ve made in the past. How did you handle it? Did you acknowledge it was a mistake and move on? Did you complain about it? Did you take note of what could have been done differently?

Perceiving your mistakes as errors to get over and move on from only do just that, allow you to move on.

Perceiving your mistakes as errors to complain about keep you focused solely on the problem, not on solutions or opportunities.

Perceiving your mistakes as opportunities for growth enable you to see the beneficial among the unimportant, the advantageous in the unexpected, and the focusing of talents you may never realized you had.

Psychologists discovered a certain personality type tends to survive and become stronger and wiser through extreme experiences. They can find opportunities in nearly every situation. Psychologists named this the survivor personality.

If you begin experiencing every moment as a wide web of choices, and each choice you make produces a string of new choices to select from, your awareness of opportunities will expand. Optimism as a part of your mindset is important here, because you are retraining your mind to “see” ways to grow even in the most trying life experiences.

Change your mental glasses of complaints and miseries, and see your world being full of opportunities.

This article was written by Trent A. Rhodes.

Published by @INeedMotivation

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