Do you want to develop your creativity and come up with out-of-the-box type ideas? This hypnosis MP3 download and CD can, via full mind & body relaxation, help you view things from a different perspective, ask questions that others don’t, and dare to think what others won’t. Make thinking outside the box normal and natural for you!

Being an out-of-the-box thinker is a necessary skill in today’s world, in order to stand out and succeed. There is tremendous value in being innovative and harvesting creative qualities. Make your mark by embracing being unique and different in your ideals and properly express them outwardly to the world.

This hypnosis session starts with a deep induction where even the most stressed will find soothing and peaceful.  From there, you will hear positive affirmations that will help you become more creative and think outside of the box.  You can become an innovative thinker via this hypnosis MP3 download and CD.

This course is taught by a certified hypnotherapist, with over a decade of experience working for INeedMotivation.com and helping thousands of people around the world.  This course uses a customized hypnosis script specifically designed for thinking outside of the box, neuro-associative techniques & methods such as NLP, and the power of motivational suggestion & inspiration.

Recommendations: Listen to the course daily. Do not use this course while driving.

Advanced Hypnotic Suggestions™
This think outside of the box hypnosis MP3 download and CD contains advanced & specific suggestions and affirmations to reach the highest level of success possible. Each one is filled with motivation, inspiration, and logic, thus creating the best environment possible to not only resolve the issue at hand, but to possess the necessary drive to keep succeeding at it in the long run. Our unique set of suggestions are second-to-none. They are crafted to be result-oriented, all while keeping the pace soothing and comfortable.

Listen to a sample preview:

  • ~ 30 min.
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