I highly recommend that you check out this amazing video by Earl Nightingale in which he discusses how conformity has taken the courage away from people. Instead of standing out and aiming for fruitful goals, people conform. They follow the pack, and thus the reason why most people are not happy with their lives.

He also discusses how goals are crucial to success, which he defines as the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. I particularly like how he says that you become what you think about. If people were to audit their thoughts and see what they think about on a graph, they would see why they are in the position that they are in. As well, I enjoyed his analogy of a ship that leaves a port and that has a destination. 99.9% of the time, it will get there. However, if the ship had no destination to go to, it would just wander around the sea, never getting anywhere. Brilliant way to easily explain why we need goals in life.

If you would like to get the entire course, check out the Strangest Secret:

In this unique video presentation, Earl Nightingale — known as the Dean of Personal Development — teaches you why the six simple words “You become what you think about” have changed the lives of millions. Featuring original footage from a classic film shot in 1970, it provides a rare glimpse of the legendary Earl Nightingale presenting the highlights and philosophy of The Strangest Secret. If you heed what he shares with you in this timeless message, your life will never be the same again.

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  1. yes we need a goal to direct our steps in life. it’s an inspiring article. love it !!!

  2. yes we need a goal to direct our steps in life. it’s an inspiring article. love it !!!


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