Multitasking is like a disease that is taking hold of us and most of us even think it is a good thing. We take on so much in our lives that we do not realize we are not dedicated to anything anymore. Students are surfing the internet during class instead of learning and adults are walking around completely disengaged from everything. There are ways to bring focus and purpose back into our lives and work:

• Spend your time doing what you love. Life is too short to spend it drowning in an uninspired haze. Many adults spend their working life in a lucrative job that they despise. The extra money will not make you happy and it is best to pursue work that you will find meaningful and satisfying. Children should be encouraged to pursue the things that they love be it music, art, math or building things.

• Learn new things in a way that works for you. If you are an audio, visual or kinesthetic learner you have to approach material in the way that will be successful for you. This extends beyond these three categories too. You have to consider if you are an organized person, chaotic, creative, charismatic, aggressive or conservative. Tailor your learning and work environment to what suits you.

• Stop fearing failure. Many people do not complete projects because they are afraid of being judged. If you never finish anything, you never risk negative feedback. Life is a learning process and you will never learn if you do not try.

• Create positive routines in your life. Anything that will help you thrive is a great addition to your life. Build a habit of reading, exercising and even honesty. These habits can help your focus and concentration.

• Make sure you are taking breaks. It may seem like a bad idea because you have so much to do and so little time to do it, but four hours of good work time is much better than eight hours of forced drudgery.

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