One of my favorite books is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. In it, he discusses how in today’s society we think too much. We associate everything about ourselves with our thoughts, and how destructive this habit really is. It’s quite an interesting point of view.

Tolle views thinking as a tool. A useful tool that helps us tremendously in our lives. However, like any tool, when you don’t need it, put it down, and just “be” in the present moment, without thoughts clouding your consciousness. You see, we all have this deep rooted habit of always thinking about something. Whether it’s about our past, or our future, our thoughts are non-stop and it creates a lot of stress, anxiety and turmoil in our lives. We tend to associate what we think about with who we are. But that’s not the case!

We don’t live enough in the present nowadays, and this is due to always being succumbed by our thoughts. We feel like days and months and years go by so quickly, because we are always thinking about something instead of just living in the moment that is right now. If you stop right now for a moment and quit thinking, just go blank and breathe in and out slowly, you instantly feel better right? There is a reason for that.

In his book Tolle mentions a method to help free yourself from your thoughts. He describes it as being “aware of the thinker”. Like as if you would be standing “above” your thoughts, and being aware of them and in control to turn them on and off. Knowing that you are not your thoughts but the essence that uses them. It takes some getting used to it but after awhile, you can easily detach yourself from your prison of thoughts and truly enjoy life on a more meaningful level.

When you have time for yourself, why think about your bills, your debts, your failed relationship, your annoying neighbor or coworker, your career, etc.? Thinking and dwelling on it and letting the pain associated with it linger on does not change anything. Realize that, be aware of these thoughts and how destructive it is for you. Use your time more wisely and just enjoy yourself in the present moment. I recall a moment when i had a speech to do one day. The night before, i was nervous about it, so much that I couldn’t sleep or eat much. Then it hit me…why think about this when it’s not even happening yet?! I was making myself miserable before anything had occured. I told myself there, that i would just deal with it when the time came for it, and that until then, I would enjoy my moments of peace. The stress and anxiety just dissipated. Practice this in your life, remind yourself to be liberated from this habit and only then will you experience what freedom from your thoughts is all about 😉

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