What’s the difference between hypnosis, subliminal, and brainwave courses?
Hypnosis courses have spoken affirmations that you hear out loud. There is a voice you hear that is guiding you through the course. In subliminal courses, you do not hear the spoken affirmations, as they are embedded under the music sound layer, and the decibel level has been reduced so that the affirmations are inaudible to your conscious self. In brainwave courses, the courses consist of frequencies and binaural beats that when played, syncs with your own waves in your brain.

What’s the best way to use the courses?
For optimal results, you should listen to the course daily, for the full length of the course, usually 35-50 minutes. Keep this daily usage for approximately 3 weeks. This is the average time it takes for anyone to solidify the affirmations in their mind. After the initial 3 weeks, you can reduce usage as you see fit. You can listen to it a few times per week, or whenever you feel like it. The important period is the initial 3 weeks, where routine daily usage is crucial and most important.

Do the courses require headphones?
No, headphones are not required but you can use them if you prefer. We have customized our courses so that you will benefit from them, even without headphones. We recommend headphones simply in situations when there are distractions and noises around you. Headphones will then help cancel out unnecessary noises around you.

You have many courses to choose from. Can you help me choose the right one for me?
Absolutely! Why don’t you send us an email, and we will be more than happy to help you select the ideal course for you.