Not many people can say they’re living the life of their dreams. Time passes by and excuses abound. The good news is that it’s actually simple—though not necessarily easy—to enjoy an abundant life filled with friends, love, money, good health, and happiness. These four steps will help you create a solid plan for achieving anything you want in life.

Be Clear On What You Want:

What exactly do you need in your life to truly make you happy? What would your new and improved life look like? Who would be in it? What would you be doing? Get this all down on paper so you can then work on ways to get there. Always daydreaming and wishing without putting any effort forth to organize your thoughts is one reason why so many people never achieve even a tiny percentage of their goals. Also, by getting this all out in the open you can see what is actually doable and what is purely fantasy.

Make a Commitment:

Once you have your goals, dreams, or project written down and you’re certain this is what you want, make a commitment to pursuing it each and every day. Remember this: “Trying is lying.” When you say you’re going to try to do something, it leaves many doors open and ready for escape. When you commit to something it means you leave no room for excuses or failure, you’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen, and you’ll probably have to make some sacrifices along the way. You may have to spend less time doing things that won’t get your closer to your goal, you may have to tell people “no” once in awhile, you may have to cut down on your work load. Whatever it takes to make it happen, you must commit yourself to it.

Set Priorities:

What’s truly important in your life? How much time is wasted on things that will never really get you anywhere or bring you any amount of happiness? Those little distractions and unnecessary tasks add up to wasted hours, weeks, months and years over the course of a lifetime. If you get off course, remind yourself of your true goals and get right back on track. Make every moment count!

Make Better Choices:

No matter how small or how big, by taking steps each day toward your goals you’ll eventually get there. You’re where you’re at today because of the choices you made yesterday, the day before, and so on. Every time you’re faced with a decision or task, ask yourself if this action will move you closer to or father away from your goal.

If you put these suggestions into action each day for the next month you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the dramatic turnaround you’ve made. It’s easy to get sidetracked, to get into a rut, and to set aside your dreams, but you truly can have anything you want in life as long as you’re willing to make the commitment and sacrifices necessary to get there.

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