Maybe you’re already an optimistic person, or perhaps you could use some help in this area. Life has its ups and downs, but how can you guarantee yourself more positive days? Following are some tips on how you can create a great day everyday!

Make a list

Sometimes it’s easy to get down in the dumps, especially when things aren’t going well for us. Whether you’re simply having a bad day or you seem to be wrapped up in a dark cloud of despair, make a list of every single thing in your life that’s good. Why make a list? Because, it’s far too easy to brood over what’s going wrong in life when we all have things that are going right! No matter how horrible life appears; there are always positive people and positive things we can be thankful for.

See the big picture

Many times we carry our worries to bed with us and wake up with them on our mind as soon as our eyes open up. Seeing the big picture is crucial to having a great day and a great life. If something or someone is bothering you, ask yourself if this will matter in 6 years, 6 months, or even 6 weeks. If the answer is no, let it go. Oh, our minds can play tricks on us and assure us that every single thing that worries us is super-important. But, if you can stand back from the situation and really see the big picture, you may find that you’re overreacting or worrying about something that will take care of itself in time or that you really can’t do anything about.

Wake up and sing—loud!

There’s no way you can start off with a bad day if you follow this one rule. Sure, you’ll feel silly, you may even feel downright insane, but that’s part of the fun! Singing loud—whether in the shower, in your living room, or in the car—gets your blood flowing and increases your oxygen levels. Any time you find yourself feeling depressed or angry, break out into a Broadway show tune or your favorite song and watch your bad mood slip away. If you have an audience, so much the better, you’ll make their day better and boost your confidence as well.

Smile often

Try being irritable or gloomy as you smile. You just can’t do it! I’m not talking about a plastic smile you hold for half a second, but a genuine smile. If you have trouble conjuring one up, think of someone or something that makes you feel happy. Smile at everyone you meet, smile at yourself as you pass the mirror. You’ll soon find that smiling is contagious too. It will spread like wildfire.

If you want to a great day every day, then you simply need to decide to do it. Life is what we make of it and you can choose to have a happier life right here and now.

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