I came across this nice excerpt from Brian Tracy, about the Law of Cause & Effect and how it applies to self confidence. It’s very nice to listen to, you can find the audio in this post. What’s really interesting about it, is how simple and logical the entire concept really is.

Most people in this world spend their time comparing themselves to other people. They focus on their own flaws and weaknesses and think the grass is always greener next door. They drench their entire existence within those limitations, and thus never live out their full potential. They end up settling for far less than what they are actually capable of.

The funny thing about self confidence, is that as elusive and as sought after as it is, it is actually something that can be learned quite simply. Enter the Law of Cause & Effect:

“For every effect in our lives, there is a specific cause”

Therefore, you can trace, from the effect, all the way back to the cause. Should you keep repeating the same cause, expect to get more of the same effects. Should you decide to change the cause, expect new and different effects.

As you can see, the Law of Cause & Effect is very simple and very obvious. Successes, as well as failures, are no accidents. Every single solitary success or failure can be traced back to a specific cause. With something so simple, why are so many people stuck in a self defeating cycle from which they cannot find their way out of?

When we are born, you could argue that our self confidence is pristine. Then, via the way our parents treated us, and via our life experiences, our self confidence starts to take hits. We start believing what is being said about us, whether it’s “you’re not good enough”, “you’re not smart enough”, or “you could never do this or that”.

Self confidence is crucial to accomplish anything in life. Having a depleted confidence level cripples our chances of ever living to our full capacities. Therefore, the effect (lack of success for example) can be traced back to the cause (lack of self confidence).

What Brian Tracy is saying next is that you can learn to increase your self confidence, simply by doing what self confident people do. Sounds simple huh! It really is. I remember when I was trained for a sales job many years ago, I was told to “walk around like I owned the place”. Sure in reality I didn’t own the place, but by acting like the person that does, I would start putting the wheels in motion towards having the proper attitude that it takes both physically and mentally to actually own the place. By mimicking what successful people do & say, in other words, by mimicking the cause, you can then experience the same effects (i.e. their success).

You can almost calling it psychological “mapping” and it’s definitely within the realms of neuro-linguistic programming which I use extensively in my hypnotherapy course series. Find out what works, then do it, and then repeat it until desired result is acquired. You can find out more about this from Brian Tracy in his Science of Self Confidence course. Enjoy the excerpt below:

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