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This Secret story isn’t going away. I am glad that many many people are standing up and questioning this ideology. Larry King had a show on this tonight, Here are some thoughts I scrambled as I was watching:

– So skeptics of The Secret don’t want to accept a revolutionary breakthrough in Mankind?? Hmm, no….it’s perfectly normal to question something that defies logic and is a rehash of already well known subjects.

– So this law of attraction only works for positive energy?! Negative energy comes back to us?? What if I think one thing is positive to me and negative to someone else? What happens then? Seems like they use the law of attraction whenever it fits whatever they believe it, and dismiss it when appropriate!

– So luck and coincidences are a natural part of the Universe. Ok, so what’s the difference from the world we ALREADY KNOW! Another example that this ideology is not making any sense.

– They admit that you need to take action. Then why is the DVD focusing solely on thoughts, not action? Is it to give hope to the legions of lazy people out there that want results without effort, because these are the people that will shell out money for it? Sounds like it!

– They admit that bad things happen to good people. Like 9/11 and Katrina. So what is the purpose of the law of attraction if a greater power will ultimately decide our fate? What’s the point then??

– They actually teach you in the DVD to treat others the way you want to be treated. LOL…didn’t we learn this in grade school? This is NOT groundbreaking, new information

– 95% of emails and calls to the show put this secret ideology into question. There is a reason for that. Why? Because people are noticing that it is not working for them.

– They claim that skeptics are afraid of something we do not know. Hmmm, not at all! I would love for this to be true. Life would be much easier. But it is not, and it needs to be voiced.

– Why are self help seminars so expensive?? I cracked up at this caller! Very very good point. If you were really gonna change the world, you would make it available and affordable to anyone. I’ve based my entire business on this principle. None of the courses or services I offer are outrageously expensive like others out there. When you really want to help people, money takes a back seat, simple as that.

– Dr Ludwig made a great point. You can have lots of emotions, thoughts, good, bad, ugly, and still succeed. If you only see things positively, then you will never see flaws that can be corrected, or see when someone is trying to scam you or take advantage of you.

– So Jessica Lundsford attracted her killer??? This guy has some nerves! How did a 10 year old girl, innocent and clueless about the danger out there, attracted a serial rapist and murderer? This is completely unacceptable to say.

– So they are saying that this Secret is only ONE secret. There are more secrets, and more sequels to come. Of course, they have to milk that cow as much as possible. So if there is more than one secret, why call it “THE” Secret?? Way to mislead people again.

Bottom line, most of these so called experts on the show more or less contradicted each other. Most said you need to take action, yet it is barely mentioned in the DVD. So why did no one voice this? Money talks huh.

So what this apparently revolutionary self help DVD will do for you is this: Keep thinking positive throughout your life. Events and situations do happen beyond your control though. So all this will give you is to go through your life in a better more positive way….without actually changing anything. The more I peel the layers off this Secret, the more I don’t like what I find out. I thought they had good intentions before, as I wrote in previous blogs, but now, I’m leaning towards the fact that this was all a ploy to make money.

Enough with this positive energy and law of attraction. What makes a difference is action, so that’s what we should focus on, how to keep ourselves motivated enough day in and day out so that we take action, something that TRULY transforms one’s life…unlike this so called “secret”.

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