The high-tech world is ultra-fast paced, and doesn’t appear to be getting any slower. The amount of information on paper and digitally is enough to make the most even-tempered person overload by taking it all in. And there is the challenge: taking it all in. With so much information to absorb, where do you find the time to produce? If the majority of your time includes E-mail, phone conversations, Internet surfing, video gaming and work engagements, when does your mind have opportunities to rest for inspiration and innovation?

If you look around, you’ll notice the world is a physical manifestation of the mind’s intent. From your car to your computer to the street lights to the walls around you, these materials we tend to take for granted were created by humanity. Someone’s inspiration led to these creations.

One method of keeping track of your moments of great ideas is to use a digital voice recorder. Whether you’re traveling, in a business meeting or have other priorities occupying your time, your sudden ingenuity can be captured on a voice recorder. Your words can be played back at your convenience. I find this is effective because the initial “aha” may be the best time to retain the idea. Working to rephrase or gather the right words for it once it’s gone may produce one less powerful.

Don’t let your ideas dissipate. Capture them at their strongest.

This article was written by Trent A. Rhodes.

Published by @INeedMotivation

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