One of the biggest concerns a manager or business owner has in terms of having his company run efficiently is the level of motivation his employees have. Lack of motivation leads to slacking, absenteeism, negative perceptions, and ultimately loss of revenues. Here are some easy ways to keep your employees motivated at all times:

Cash rewards
Money is a great motivator. By offering a cash incentive to your employees if a particular project or job gets done, you will definitely increase their motivation to get it done. Although quite effective, it does not work with everyone. I have seen many employees not motivated in the slightest bit by money.

Non cash rewards
If they are not the type to be motivated by money, then how about giving them something else as a reward? How about a free massage? Or a free weekend getaway? Many people will respond more appropriately to such a reward as it is something they can better visualize, compared to a few bills of money.

You wouldn’t believe how a few positive words of encouragement can make a difference in someone’s attitude. It’s human nature to want other people’s approval, especially our superiors. By throwing a few “Good job” and “I’m proud of you” out there to your workforce, you will definitely make them more motivated, because they will want to keep hearing those words.

Taking the encouragement a step further, you can recognize the quality work that your employees do by showcasing their prowess to the entire office or company. I remember when I was 19 and started working for a marketing company doing sales, I saw one employee getting an “employee of the month” award, where they were the center of attention in front of the entire office. I wanted that recognition so badly, that I became the top salesperson within two months, and in turn got my reward as well. Such things as employee of the week, month, or year, as well as year-end awards recognizing quality in work can be huge boost in motivation for your employees.

Most employees want to move ahead (a few don’t, but they are rare), so giving them the opportunity to work hard to perhaps fill in a newly opened management position can be an incredible way to motivate your workforce. Social status is an huge motivator, so with the chance to move up and be a level above everyone else, you can effectively increase the level of motivation of your employees. This can also be a double-edged sword, as not everyone can be promoted at once, so you have to make sure that the ones that do not advance are still motivated to keep their work ethic high.

Motivation differs depending on the employee. Some will prefer one method while others will prefer another. An effective manager or leader of a company will spot those differences and tweak their approach according to each particular case. There is no “one size fits all” in the realm of motivation. It’s a very tailored, and case-specific science, and hopefully these tips will put you on the right track to motivate each one of your employees more effectively!

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  1. I believe the whole reason for motivation is to inspire every soul to be their ultimate self. If one can inspire pride in an individual, that person will take pride in everything they do. True greatness comes from a state of pride. To have self belief will result in great corporations!

  2. Its very important that the manager of the company has a personal connection with his employees. Aside from that, the employee knows whats his/her purpose being part of that corporation. Main goal must be prioritize.

  3. One other thing I see works well is giving employees a sense of purpose for what they do other than a paycheck.

  4. One other thing I see works well is giving employees a sense of purpose for what they do other than a paycheck.


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