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I came across this really neat article today:

More Than a Cosmetic Difference

About a service that provides tips to people with skin conditions on how to help them cover up their scars and whatnot so that to boost their self confidence. I think it’s a really great service.

Everyone that has dealt with acne in their teenage years knows how painful of an experience it can be. It’s unfortunate that we live in a society where looks matter, but this is the reality of our time, and why not take all opportunities to make yourself perceived and accepted in a better light.

Most people don’t know about such issues as vitiligo, rosacea, or discoloration from birthmarks right when they see it. So they stare, or they assume it’s something worse than it really is. Thus, the person with the skin condition often feels like all eyes are on them wherever they go. It makes you feel vulnerable and unaccepted. It’s quite a disheartening feeling, and often drives people that experience this to become recluses and develop extreme shyness.

If, with a little makeup, you can avoid these stares and attention, why not take advantage of it right? It can make you walk with your head up high, and not shy to go talk to whomever you need to. Yes, it’s not a permanent solution, and I applaud people that don’t put make up on and go out there regardless of what people think. That’s very brave, but not everyone possesses this type of strength.

I think they should expand this type of service even to teenagers in high school. That’s probably the most difficult time for anyone with a skin condition to go through. Such experiences affects people throughout their lifetime, it’s really hard to get over. Physical scars can be camouflaged, but the deep mental scars created by them aren’t so easy to hide. This is why this type of service is needed, as well as more awareness in schools about the different conditions, and why it is important not to make fun of people that are in such situations.

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  1. It’s true. The way we look on the outside does affect how we feel on the inside too.

  2. It’s true. The way we look on the outside does affect how we feel on the inside too.


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