A recent study published in the Archives of Dermatology says that smoking not only causes skin damage to the face, but to the entire body as well. Another reason to stop smoking indeed! I guess a face lift won’t be enough now, people will start getting full body lifts!

What they should also do is discuss more about the damage that smoking does inside the body, and show pictures of it. I remember seeing pictures of the organs of people that smoked, way back in high school during a smoking prevention presentation. I never forgot how horrible that was. And that’s one reason why I never smoked.

Sometimes you need to see these things. It’s not because we can’t see it directly that we shouldn’t care about it. It’s still a part of you, a vital & crucial part at that. This study shows that smoking ruins your body all over. And to think, the damage within is 10 times worse! If you need help to quit smoking and you want a cost effective, natural and efficient way to go about it, check out these courses:

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