I read some articles and saw some reports this morning about the new iPhone that came out and the people that were waiting in line all night to get their hands on the newest gadget from Apple. I remember many years ago when Windows 95 came out and there were huge lineups all night long and people trampled each other to get to the operating system. This made me think of what type of person it takes to go to such lengths for a piece of equipment. Here are some thoughts I wrote down as I was thinking about this:

  • Seriously, who waits all night for, of all things, a phone?
  • Don’t they have, I dunno, a job or family to attend to? (it’s not just teens in line)
  • Isn’t it kind of sad to be hooked so much to a brand?
  • Especially if you are not a teenager?
  • Wouldn’t you agree that this is a sign that we have our priorities backwards?
  • So, is this all about bragging rights?
  • Who cares what phone you have anyways?
  • Am I the only one that uses less than 5% of the features on their phone?
  • Is there such a thing as “cell phone envy”?
  • Why do people care so much about impressing others?
  • Don’t you think something is clearly missing from your life if you must go to these lengths for a gadget?
  • Does the iPhone really bring such happiness?
  • If so, then why are they all up for sale on Ebay within a few days?
  • So is this all about turning over a profit?
  • Am I the only one thinking that Apple can come out with ANY useless gadget and people will flock to it like sheep?
  • After all, isn’t this a clear example that most people are sheeps?
  • Why is it that it’s mostly people that can barely afford it that buy it?
  • Dare I say, financial delinquents anyone?
  • Are they the same people that whine about the rising gas prices?
  • Are they seeking acceptance & joy within a mere phone?
  • Is life this uninspiring that you have to seek joy within a gadget built in a factory in China?
  • Don’t you find it troubling that it has come down to this?
  • Did I hear one guy say that the iPhone is a “chick magnet”?
  • I mean, seriously?
  • So you could be unemployed, penniless, and without intelligence (apparently), but your iPhone will help you meet girls?
  • Can you hear me laughing?
  • I mean, do you wear your iPhone around your neck, or is it hidden in your pocket 90% of the time like everyone else?
  • Are you with me in thinking that there are tons of more important ways to spend that money (and time) than on an iPhone?
  • Does owning the phone really change your life that much?
  • How much do you use your cell phone anyways?
  • I mean, does it do something magical I am not aware of perhaps?
  • Or, are you just a bona fide sucker for buying into the hype?

Your thoughts about this iPhone madness?

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