If so, consider these five “tried-and-true” techniques for controlling your urge to splurge:

1. Make out a shopping list beforehand. Stick to the stuff on the list. Wear blinders in the store if you have to.

2. Leave the credit cards at home. Bring only the cash you intend to spend. Leaving the ATM card behind might be a good idea too!

3. Shun the stores where you know most of your spending occurs. Don’t open those favorite catalogs or shopping websites. Just don’t open them.

4. Bring a friend shopping with you who has more impulse control than you have. The tighter-fisted your friend, the better. Allow your friend to talk you out of spending.

5. Put the item back on the shelf and tell yourself you will buy it tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, do the same thing.

Of course, sometimes the tried-and-true makes us blue. We want our spending impulse released. We want to spend money. Spending brings us pleasure.

So, let’s think outside the box: We can save money by spending money.

That’s right. We can save money by spending money. The trick is to spend only a little bit of money— enough to satisfy our spending impulse— on things that bring us pleasure beyond what the price tag says. In other words, we can satisfy our urge to splurge on the cheap.

Choose a knick-knack. The knick-knack must be inexpensive. It must be sentimental. It can be almost anything. Collectibles are a plus. Plastic push puppets, for instance. They retail for under $10, even for vintage ones.

Whatever knick-knacks do it for you.

Next, focus your spending on your inexpensive knick-knacks. Have fun shopping for them and purchasing them. Display them in your home. You will get as much pleasure, or more, out of spending on them as you did on the expensive stuff. And you won’t be spending too much money.

You can do it.

This article was written by Campbell Venn.

Published by @INeedMotivation

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