I ended up watching the follow up show on the Secret last week ( i hadn’t seen the first one), and quite a few interesting things were mentioned. In my earlier post on this subject, I mentioned how I thought that what was lacking from this was a definite “drive”, a motivation powerful enough to get you or anyone going in the right direction to reshaping their life. Because you see, the information ALONE isn’t enough. 99% of the people that watch or learn this information will not feel that it is life changing. Out of the 1% that do, 99% of them will never follow through with their hopes to changing the direction of their destiny. And there is a reason for that, which is plain and simple, a lack of motivation to keep going day in and day out.

A lot of the Secret I believe is great info, and they genuinely want to help people I feel. Such things like the importance of forgiveness, harmonic wealth, & letting the current of life carry you is very well explained and very helpful tools for anyone out there. They briefly discussed the motivation aspect of it. They called it “intent”, when a question from the audience asked them how can they keep this going day after day. Basically, don’t ask, don’t hope, but intend to make it happen and then give it attention. Makes sense yes. However, the disconnect that most people feel is this: “How do I get myself to intend, to make it happen?” It’s not as simple as, “just doing it”. Not when you are used to your current situation, feel at ease and comfortable in it, and even if it is not what you want, its better than the “unknown” that all these changes will bring.

What do people need to do then? Watch the Secret DVD each day until they know it by heart? Perhaps that can help. It can inspire, it can help people realize many things about their lives. Millions of people have watched the shows about it, millions probably will buy the DVD and CD or book. If its such a true life changing phenomenon, then we will have millions of people renewed with a new sense of self and start seeing a shift in the population with more kindness, more success, right? Hmm, not likely. Because only very very few people will follow through with the teachings, and these are the very few people that have enough fire in them to get them to do it. What about the 99% that do not have that fire burning inside, but still wish to change and lead a better existence? They need something to “start” that fire. That is what can make a difference between mass failure and mass success. This is something that I’ve been thinking about…

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