Over the past couple of years, as teeth whitening products have become more popular and more affordable, a new type of disorder is on the rise: Addiction to whitening your teeth.

Much like body dysmorphic disorder, where you view a distorted image of yourself, this disorder makes you think that your teeth are never white enough, even if they are super white. It’s very much like how anorexics view themselves as fat when they weigh less than 80 lbs.

This distortion of reality causes people with this issue to constantly bleach their teeth, often spending a fortune to do so. This of course can cause many problems with their teeth and gums, and ends up destroying the very thing that they are trying to improve.

This type of disorder is on the rise. More and more people find themselves dealing with this issue. I am currently working on a body dysmorphic disorder course which will be out shortly, and hope to get one done on teeth bleaching very soon. This is a serious problem to deal with and one should not be embarrassed to talk about it and reach out for advice and help. With an extra tool such as a hypnosis course for people to help them fight this, it can do nothing but good. Let’s start speaking out on this subject and treat it more seriously!

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