fundamentals of success

There are certain criterias that truly make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary, between average and successful. In this extremely insightful seminar, we will go over the 20 fundamentals that are necessary to master to lead a fulfilled life. We will dwelve into each fundamental and explore it, discuss it and show you how you can easily incorporate each one within your own existence. This seminar is a can’t miss!

Plus much more!

This is an in-depth seminar with highly valuable information. Attendance is very limited, so you must hurry to make sure you have a spot.

This is an online interactive seminar, meaning that you will be able to watch the event as if you are there in person LIVE over the internet! We have in place the highest level of technology possible to ensure a smooth experience. You don’t need to install anything whatsoever, if you can watch YouTube videos, you can watch this seminar! We will provide you with the unique URL link upon completion of your reservation. Just go to that URL at the date and time below, and that’s it.

As well, as a bonus gift for signing up to the live seminar, we will send you a DVD copy of this seminar in high definition, so that you can reference to it and watch it again at a later date!

When: Tuesday November 10th @ 6:30pm Eastern Time
Where: Online! Watch from anywhere in the world!
Cost: $19.99 USD per person (Visa/MasterCard accepted)

How to reserve your spot:
By phone: Call 1-800-605-2064 ext. 0 Today
Online: Click here to reserve your spot

Don’t hesitate and make sure you attend this highly comprehensive workshop

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