Inquiring minds might wonder what starts the process of creation. This is a very quick post about the 3 simple steps of creation. I wanted to share this with you because since I’ve discovered this, it has helped me greatly understand how to achieve things and what is the process of creating.

I am not a very religious person but one thing I remember from the bible is that we are built to the image and likeliness of God. What is GOD? The ultimate creator, if we are built to his image, then we are never ending creators ourselves. I believe this is true because everything we have around us was created by us, and we constantly create new things. Look at our city, the power lines, our road system, the internet and all the buildings we keep putting up. Everything in this society is created by us humans. Creating and inventing are two intricate things that work together.

Step 1
The firsts step is our desire, everything we created so far on this planet started as someone’s desire (or a group of people). We are here to satisfy and explore our internal desires and that is the first step of the creation process. You might say that our desires aren’t always right and we should not always try to fulfill them, and I do have to agree with you especially if you look at the state of our world. However we can see that people in general desire the right things and there is nothing wrong with that.

Step 2
The second step of the creation process starts by thinking about ways to fulfill our desire. Then we talk about it to friends and coworkers, this puts the idea out in the cosmic. This is when the brainstorming starts, and by putting the idea in other people’s mind, it lights up other desires and pushes the creation process forward.

Step 3
Action is the third step, when after talking about it we act upon our words. We make it happen by doing the necessary to create what we desire. This step can be the longest and hardest but each creation had to go through it.

Of course this is just a brief resume on how we create and shape our world. In future posts I will be able to elaborate more on this subject and each steps. Also, I would love your comments and opinions on this subject.

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  1. Great tips!

    I always believe that when you really want something so bad, you gotta start somewhere. One small step at a time until you find the right footing and rhythm that will help you establish a ground-eating pace that your business will benefit from.


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