By having role models we can see how others live their lives and learn from their mistakes and successes. Rather than having to grope around in the dark, we have a roadmap put in front of us. Here are some reasons why they’re so important and how you can be a better role model too!

How to find a good role model:

Look around at people you admire. Whether a parent or parental-figure, a sports star, activist, public speaker, or anyone else you feel is successful, learn all you can about this person. You may be able to talk with them directly, or read their biography. How did they get to where they’re at now? What mistakes did they make along the way? How can you use their advice or actions in your own life? How can you avoid the pitfalls they encountered?

Gather sources from many places:

Another method is to think of the top three or five people you admire and gather information on them all then combine what you found, creating your own framework for success. Perhaps one person you admire went to night school while holding down a full-time job. Maybe another person was frugal and saved enough money in ten years to buy a house with cash. Another person you admire may be very confident and outgoing. By themselves, they may not offer everything you’d want to be as a person, but you can choose their most admirable traits and incorporate them into your own life.

Role models are real people:

The more you know about a role model, the more you’ll find that they’re real people just like yourself. They have bad habits and they make mistakes. In other words, they’re human! Many people tend to idolize movie stars and sports stars, trying to emulate them and then feeling badly about themselves when they don’t live up to their own preconceived notions of what greatness is. By realizing that even our most admired role models put their pants on one leg at time just as we do, we can feel encouraged rather than discouraged.

There are times in our lives when we’re trying to find ourselves and looking toward a positive and influential role model is helpful. By emulating the person you look up to, you’ll bring their positive behaviors into your own life and adopt them for yourself. Pretty soon, you may find yourself as a role model to others.

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  1. Role modles need to be people who are recognised for a certain wuality, if we have one of these in our lives, we learn from their life mistakes and build up on a better personality. Be awear no one is perfect… choose carefully on who is your role modle.

  2. Blogs are great for mentors and role models. You can learn so much about someone by visiting their blog.

  3. Blogs are great for mentors and role models. You can learn so much about someone by visiting their blog.


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