Shyness is something that many people battle with everyday. They are afraid to look people in the eyes and have a hard time speaking to new people. This makes it very hard to get ahead at work and in making new friends and business connections. Many people are shy because they fear rejection. There are ways to get around this fear and get out there and start talking to people.

• Remember that most people are not looking at you. When you are shy you may believe that people are constantly watching and judging you. This just is not the case at all. Most people are way to busy looking at themselves and worrying about what people think of them. When you are talking to someone new they are not picking apart your every word; they are worried about what you think of them.

• Focus on your strengths. Instead of always nagging yourself about things that you think you could be doing better, turn your focus to the things that you do well. Your self talk is very important to how you feel. Stop negative self talk in its tracks. Instead remind yourself every morning of all the great things you have to offer. Whenever you start feeling self conscious again run over your list of positive things.

• If you do not have an exercise routine you should start one now. Check with your doctor if you have not worked out for a while and then get to it. You do not spend hours a day in the gym. You should spend about 30 minutes a day walking or doing something physical you enjoy. If you are physically capable you could also add 20 minutes of light weight training two or three days a week. This will help you feel stronger and will improve your posture. Being able to stand with your back straight and your head held high will definitely help over come shy feelings.

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