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Do you find that you struggle every morning to get yourself into the proper mindset to accomplish all that you should be doing that day? Waking up on the wrong side of the bed is all too common for the majority of the population. Here are a few tips to help you start your day more effectively:

Open your eyes, get out of bed! There is no point in lingering on to your sleep and trying to convince yourself to stay in bed a bit longer. Chances are, you will end up oversleeping anyways. So take the habit of getting out of bed right away. It’s a much more enthusiastic way to getting up, and enthusiasm makes you feel better.

Drink water. Your body has been immobile for many hours. It’s dehydrated and this causes that fatigue feeling you experience when you wake up. Drink a couple glasses of water and you will instantly feel better and more refreshed.

Stretching. Get the blood flowing through your body and tighten all those sleepy muscles through stretching. Even some yoga will do the trick. 15 min. of stretching in the morning, will guarantee you a better day. Not only does it help waking up your entire body, taking the habit of stretching minimizes your chances of injury.

Recite what you want to do today.
I remember when I was working in sales, as I was taking my shower, I was going over all my daily goals. I was pumping myself up to do all that I was expecting myself to do and more! So take a moment to remind yourself what you have to be doing that day, which in turn solidifies its importance to you, and thus dramatically increases your chances of accomplishing it.

Good solid breakfast. You know by now it is the most important meal of the day. It provides you with the energy you will require for your day as well as jumpstart your metabolism. Not eating in the morning feeds (no pun intended) your fatigue and makes your energy deplete much quicker during your day, even if you eat well at lunch. That first meal of the day is CRUCIAL, remember that!

Forget yesterday. Don’t hang on to issues from days past. It’s a new day, a new dawn, and a new opportunity for you to start over a new leaf. There is no need to drag the drama from yesterday and affect this new one! Take the habit of waking up and leaving your issues, problems, moods, disputes, and negative thoughts in the dream world!

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