We all have things in our lives that we wish we had time to do. It seems to be becoming harder and harder as time goes by to accomplish these important tasks. As we get older our careers become more important and we may have a family to add to the mix. There are ways that you can get your time back and spend it on the things that you decide are your priorities for your life.

• First and foremost you have to decide what things are really important to you. You should make a list of no more than five goals that are the most important to you.

• The next step is to align your goals with the people and organizations that you are already involved with. If you have people or obligations in your life that are not going to be supportive and helpful then it may be time to cut ties if at all possible.

• If you have tasks that are not part of your goals, but that are essential then you must be willing to accept being “good enough”. You cannot be perfect and do everything perfectly. If you try you will never reach your goals.

• Learn to say no. You will never reach your goals if you are constantly participating in projects that have nothing to do with what is important to you. Saying no is very difficult for some people, but it is an essential skill.

• Go at your goals with enthusiasm. You have to have a great deal of excitement to make anything big work. If you are not enthusiastic when you are working towards a goal it may be time to re-evaluate if it should be on your list.

• Enjoy the spoils of your hard work. After all, what is the point in working towards a goal if you cannot enjoy the results?

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