Running your own business isn’t made for everyone. Most cannot deal with the huge time, energy, and financial investment required, all without knowing what’s around the corner. Being an entrepreneur is no easy task, so what motivates them day in and day out?

Many people give entrepreneurship a try only to fail miserably very quickly. There is a reason why 95% of startup businesses aren’t around 2 years later. These people see running their own business as the route to financial freedom. In many ways, it can be, but it is not an overnight solution! So after a few setbacks, they give up. You see, entrepreneurs, the real ones, the ones that stick it out through thick and thin, they have something that others that quit after failing don’t…PASSION.

When you truly love your work, no matter what, you have what I call “motivation fueled by passion”. This is a VERY strong motivating factor. It’s like being motivated 24/7 without having to remind yourself of it. This is why you hear countless stories of people that failed over and over again, and finally, they ended up having their success. Their passion never could allow them to give up. So they kept going, trying different angles, until it finally happened for them.

An entrepreneur sees the big picture. Even during those dark days, they focus on the end result, the ultimate goal. And this drives them to get through some incredibly tough times. When you first start a business, no matter what type, you will have to literally pour your heart and soul into it, and when you see less than stellar results, it can be very difficult for some to take. But we all have to go through this. No one succeeds without having failed numerous times! There is no magic in real life.

A failure is a lesson, and a step in the right direction. That’s how a motivated entrepreneur analyzes any setback. You see, motivation can take a 180 turn simply by changing your perception. Interesting isn’t it? The answer is right there, you just have to know how to interpret it properly! So if you ever think of starting your own business, remember that you need to have PASSION for it, because when you truly love what you do, you will not allow yourself to fail miserably at it, and that is incredible motivation 🙂

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  1. wauu!!!!! thank u so much, coz u r really helped me

  2. hey nice work,here I could find vast knowledge on motivation, Thank you and keep up good work.

  3. hey nice work,here I could find vast knowledge on motivation, Thank you and keep up good work.


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