Anger Management Hypnosis

Do you get mad or angry very easily and very quickly? Are you emotions just completely out of control? Do you find yourself in constant arguments with anyone and everyone?…


Teeth Grinding Hypnosis

Do you grind your teeth at night? Does it annoy and irritate your spouse and/or children? Now you can do something to help this lifelong habit. This hypnosis MP3 download…


Smoking Addiction Hypnosis

This hypnosis session starts with a deep induction that is soothing and peaceful, and will remove all stress from your being. From there, you will experience specific affirmations and statements…


Gambling Addiction Hypnosis

Gambling can be a very destructive addiction.  It is as powerful as any other type of addiction, if not more.  The urge to bet, play, and gamble can destroy one’s life…

Thank you for taking care of my concerns promptly and with care. I understand why your site is #1. Best of luck to you all, and I will see you very soon!

Thomas Clark

Hope, Idaho

I have very much enjoyed your course on starting up a business. It has guided me into the right direction, and i am very confident into what i am building up so far. I will recommend you to many friends, thank you again.

Holly Tataryn

Mount Vernon, New York