Timing (MMA & Sports) Subliminal

Timing is everything when it comes to sports, especially martial arts. Anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts can greatly affect your performance. This subliminal course can help relax your body and…


Fear of Aging Subliminal

Are you afraid of getting old? Does the thought of aging make you sad, depressed, and anxious? Aging isn’t a bad thing! This subliminal course can help you understand through…


Fear of Authority

Do you feel fear when faced with an authoritative figure? Do you feel that you will be reprimanded for something, even if you didn’t do anything? This subliminal course can…


End Affair Subliminal

Are you having an affair & realize the negative impact that this can have on many people involved in this situation? This subliminal course can help you make the right…


Newly Single Subliminal

Are you newly single after a long relationship? It can be quite a change in lifestyle and habits. This subliminal course can help you enjoy your new found freedom and…

I have ordered your mental strength self help course and i would like to express my gratitude towards you for making a really good course that was easy to follow, and that touched upon certain areas of my mind that needed help desperately. I’m a new man, and feel like nothing can me. Thanks!!

Dan Cloutier

St-jerome, Quebec

I had very good communication with customer support. All my emails were answered quickly and they helped me choose the right course for my situation. Can’t thank you enough!! I will be back for more, that’s a promise!

Brad Tieman

Kentwood, Louisiana