happiness at work

Everybody wants to be happy, whether they admit it or not. Happiness is a state of mind and being that is within your control. That is right, you decide if you are happy or not. Finding happiness at work is the same as finding it at home:

• Make the decision right here and now to be happy with your work.

• Look around you for reasons to be happy about where you are and what you are doing; instead of focusing on the reasons you are unhappy.

• If you do not take your breaks, start taking them today. If you do take your breaks, use them for something good such as a short walk.

• Bring your lunch and make it a healthy one. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much taking good care of your body will improve your mood.

• Stop gossiping.

• If you have tasks that you do not like do them first thing everyday. When you have the things that you find unpleasant done you are free to move on to things that you find more enjoyable.

• Do something everyday to lift someone else’s spirits. Smile and say hello, or offer to help a coworker with a daunting project.

• De-clutter your desk and make sure everything is neat and organized. This will greatly reduce any stress you are feeling and make your work environment much more pleasant.

• Think about all of the ways that your job helps someone else. Every job that is legal is noble; keep this in mind when you start to think your work is meaningless.

• If all else fails you can always look for another job. People who feel the need to serve or help others will never be fully satisfied until they find a job where they can do these things. You may never make as much money in these types of careers, but the other rewards more than make up for the financial loss.

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  1. “Every job that is legal is noble”.


    Working for companies who use cheap labour is not noble. Working for people who exploit others via sweatshops is not noble. Working for those who sell junk is not noble. Employment that wastes resources, cheats people and ruins the environment is not noble. But many jobs that involve all of the above are legal.


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