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The holiday season has come and gone, and if you are like me, it went by in a flash! If only it could last a bit longer so that we can really take it all in and truly experience it on a higher level. Well, there are ways to keep the essence of the holiday season going all year round. This is not about keeping decorations up until spring! It’s focusing on the important lessons from the holiday season and applying them to our regular life throughout the rest of the year.

Spending time with your loved ones
For most, the time of the year where they can really see and talk with their relatives is during the holiday season. Make it mandatory for yourself to make an effort to see the people that you care about more often during the year. Don’t wait for birthdays or holidays, see them when you want to. Now with technology, it’s easier than ever. This lesson may be the most important one, because in the end, your loved ones are what this is all about.

Take time off
Don’t wait for holidays to enjoy a little time off. I know, I know, it can be difficult, especially if you are a workaholic or in a highly competitive field. However, I must stress the importance to get away, so as to clear your mind, recharge your batteries, and come back better than ever. Make sure you take all the time off that you are allowed to take, don’t differ it to later. Time off is more important to your performance than you’ll ever realize.

Give a thoughtful gift
Why only give gifts when it’s the holiday season or a birthday? Be more spontaneous, and take the habit of giving a gift whenever you feel like it. You think people enjoy their gifts on Christmas? You betcha, but wait until you see their faces when you give them a thoughtful present out of nowhere. This is where you can really touch someone and make a lasting impression.

Be thankful
Why wait until you are around a dinner table on a special occasion to say thanks? Be thankful for every day that you are alive and well, for that is a miracle in and of itself. It’s very easy to take every day things for granted, but take the habit of putting everything into perspective and realizing that although you are aiming to get better and obtain more out of life, you must still be thankful for where you are right now and what you have thus far.

Reward yourself
Doesn’t it feel great when you indulge into whatever reward you provided yourself during the holidays? Why allow that feeling only once a year? Make it routine to give back a little something to you every now and then. You can even use such rewards as a way to motivate yourself into accomplishing your goals.

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  1. I am very interested to reading this blog,
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  2. I am very interested to reading this blog,
    thank you for the post,
    keep up great writing.


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