Be open to everything, and attached to nothing

The best way to experience a fulfilling life is to have very few barriers. Leave nothing off your table, and embrace every potential idea, experience, person, and thought. Sticking to one concept or one line of thinking too harshly creates nothing but negative energy in the end. Instead of defending your stance, allow yourself the opportunity to see what it might be like on the other side of the coin. Be open to hear other perspectives than your own…you never know what can end up inspiring you. Don’t box yourself in, jump out of the box completely!

Don’t let your talents go to waste

Whatever it is that you are good at, make sure that you let it shine. There is nothing more crippling or saddening to your soul than to watch your talents sit on the sidelines of your life. To feel successful, your talents need to be utilized in some capacity. It is crucial to making you feel whole and purpose-driven. What you are good at is irrelevant, it could be anything really, as long as it makes you smile and brings joy to others. Don’t allow yourself to live with any regret. Go out there and give a voice to your talents. Start however small you may have to, it’s not about the magnitude, it’s about putting the wheels in motion to leading a more fulfilled existence.

Silence is golden

We live in such a fast paced world. Seems like there is never a moment to just “be”. 24/7/365 everything nowadays. It’s no surprise that our thoughts are non stop either. Some of us can barely sleep because our thoughts are so consuming. So much to think about, so much information to process. This is why, to lead a truly peaceful life, you must welcome and appreciate moments of silence. Give yourself the gift of meditation. If you want some convincing as to why you should be meditating, take a look at these benefits of meditation. On top of meditation, wherever you may find yourself, waiting at the bus stop, stuck in traffic in your car, or waiting in line at the bank perhaps…tune everything out for a moment, and just “be”.

Let go of your history

We tend to give too much weight to what our personal history means to our lives. Why should the past dictate what the future is going to be? Just because you failed a few things in the past, does not make you a failure, and guarantee that you will fail at other things in the future. Just because something negative happened in your past, does not mean your future can’t be rosy and beautiful. Just allow yourself to let go of your history…it is what it is. Take lessons from it but end the never ending dwelling. Your identity, your soul, was shining long before any of that history ever happened. Don’t let it block you from succeeding any longer. You owe yourself a fresh start.

Act as if you are already “there”

Have you ever seen an Olympic athlete or a high level professional sports athlete train? They will go through the motions as if they are winning, all the way up to stepping on a fake podium and pretend to receive a medal or trophy. The reason they do this is that to actually make something, anything, happen, you first must visualize extremely clearly. It must be so clear, that it is undeniable. Learn from this, and whatever it is that you want to accomplish, act as if you have already accomplished it. What would you act like and do if you finished what you have always wanted to do? Think about how that would be and become this exactly.

Evaporate resentments

There is absolutely no valuable reason to hold any resentment. This is YOUR life…why would you allow anything to make you feel as such? Remember, you can decide what affects you and gets to you. There is no room for such debilitating feelings within your existence. Learn to let go of such animosity or ill will. Allowing it into your life gives it strength and justifies it. Letting it go destroys it completely, without it ever seeing the light of day to begin with. Choose to feel positive, productive feelings and thoughts instead, and watch how more successful your life becomes.

Avoid all thoughts that weaken you

While resentment is usually a feeling towards an outward source, it is also important to rid yourself of any inner feeling that hinders who you are as a person. Never allow yourself to feel that you are too weak, not smart enough, not pretty enough, or not capable enough to become who you want to become. You need to play up your strengths and those should be the focus on your attention. It is important to recognize the difference between understanding a weakness and working towards improving it, and believing a weakness is insurmountable. There’s a big difference there; one is positive and one is negative. Don’t give credit to any thought that makes you feel less than who you truly are and who you ultimately want to become.

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  1. This is a very inspiring article. Holding on to past mistakes and failures shouldn’t define your future.We all make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. Each new day brings brand new opportunities to work towards your goals.

  2. Very useful and informative post. i like it so much.

  3. Budhha was against the worship of Gods (Idols) & high priest (Brahmans) but believed in parctice of Yoga [exercise] & meditation to control the temptation (ego, Anger, Greed, Lust, & Attachment) to achieve the Nirvana, Freedom from the incornation (Karma) pain & suffering. Mother Terrissa of Calcutta, unconditionally served, unwanted girls with their babies & Lappers also lived life like lotus.

  4. Thanks for sharing about this. Now, its not secret anymore.
    But it depends with us, how we apply everything.
    Be positive with everything you do!

  5. Really great article – we’d all be a lot better off if we followed these seven simple rules. I recently found a TEDx video with another seven rules for great living that I thought pertained to some of these, even though the delivery is a little more caustic.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. I am loving this advice.

  7. Hi Frederick,

    Your inspirational advice is spot on. As we live and think too fast, it is very easy for our thoughts to grasp onto something negative. In fact, negative news and images are promoted all around us. It takes a strong mind, settled soul and focused energy to tune out our surroundings and tune into ourselves.
    Thank you.

  8. All I can say is Thank you for this!!

  9. Powerful article! The key to all is letting go, staying positive, believing in yourself and perserverence. Uh…..pretty hard stuff, takes time but worth the effort in the end.

  10. Wonderful advice and perfect way to live……the key is letting go and that’s a process that takes time and perseverance.

  11. I agree, silence is golden. A moment of silence allows us to relax and to rethink about the events that happened the whole day.

  12. such some good advice if you can control your emotions then it becomes easier to let the other person have the problem. because as you know people like to see other people having a worse day. Take it from me people see my reactions see i get upset then think they are either better or more normal, but long term they are unhappy. what negatives people throw at you leave it in there basket and then let them work it out, develop positive reaction habits and youll enjoy every day

  13. It’s so important to let go of things and start over. This is a very motivational post and made my day. It kind of reminds me of “The Bucket List” movie. We need to be willing to try new things and set goals. If we aren’t willing to let go, we have less control…

  14. I really enjoy read this post, very helpful for me and motivated. Thanks for a great post.

  15. I enjoy what you have said here. Of all the things you said, I believe the number 1 should be “Evaporate resentments”. When this is understood, everything else false into place, it seems. You are freer to live your life, and thus you are freer to be yourself, and thus you are kinder to other people, etc and so forth. The things we hold onto really are like cement bricks sinking us to the bottom of the ocean.

    Thank you for your words.

  16. what great thoughts to think about. Each & every one is thought provoking yet calming. If I had to pick a favorite it would be “Be open to everything and attach to nothing”

  17. I really enjoyed this post, especially silence is golden. Sitting in peace and just listening to the wildlife outside for me is wonderful.


  18. Thank you for sharing your 7 secret. very well said!

  19. Thanks for the kind words. Another golden article : )

  20. There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way !

  21. The concept of non-attachment has to be one of the hardest to learn as one who is interested in pursuing their highest goals. Releasing everything and living in the moment – away from the past or the future – is one of the best pieces of advice that one can give. That mindfulness of the ‘now’ can bring us to great, great things in the future, after all.. because we’re not allowing ourselves to be distracted.

    Thank you for this post about peaceful life, it was a great reminder.

  22. Hey Frederic, I really like that first one. Be open to everything. Great advice. That’s how you live life rather than simply repeating what you always do. I’d rather experience new things and grow my potential than be stuck with what I always have. Good advice.

  23. Hi Frederic,
    We tend to get too comfortable in the box. I enjoy reading about topics that are outside the box no matter how strange it may be.

    Having an open mind allows us to receive information that we wouldn’t otherwise.

    Letting go of history and the past will free our minds to create a new “now.”

  24. Hi Frederic,

    Our mind is an incredible instrument.
    It can do so much or so little. It all depends on how we handle it.

    The potential is limitless, we can do anything and become anyone.
    If you set a goal and work towards it with focus, positivity and block out all negative doubt and emotions you will move towards your success at a very rapid pace.

  25. Well said Fred!! It is often said that Enlightenment is best compared to a sense of shedding the “weight” that holds one down.
    To be successful one needs to first enlighten them-selves by shedding the anchors that are keeping you from RISING UP. <<--- And as Fred states so Beautiful in his article, RESENTMENT IS A MAJOR ANCHOR THAT WEIGHS MANY PEOPLE DOWN.


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