A day off from work should mean a day that is unlike all other days of the week. Unfortunately, with technology and persistent bad habits, people have lost the art of truly enjoying a day off as it just seems to be a continuation of their every day routine. Here are some tips to help you appreciate your day off on a whole new level:

Disconnect from work
With the internet, laptops, PDA’s, and Blackberries, we are pretty much always connected to our work 24/7. Although it can be great for productivity, it doesn’t allow you to take a step back and refuel your energy & creativity. This is why, to really have a good day off, you need to not be affected by anything from your job. For example, a friend of mine came to visit me the other day, and at one point, he looked at his Blackberry and saw a bunch of new emails. This stressed him out and really took him out of his time off and put him right back into “work mode”. On your day off, make it a point to shut everything from your job completely. You will truly appreciate the benefits of it when you get back to work afterwards.

Stay away from routine
On your day off, don’t do the same things that you do every day. For example, don’t wake up at the same time, or have the same breakfast or do the same activities that you would do on a regular day. Your day off needs to be a completely unique day, far different than anything remotely similar to your routine. If you do the same things you always do, you will only feel like it’s the same thing over and over, and you will not appreciate or embrace your day off in the same way. Your day off should be all about refreshing yourself and doing something offbeat. Be creative and take the habit of making your days off as unique as you possibly can! Breaking away from the daily routine of the week will only help you enjoy your time off more.

Remain composed
Make this a rule: on your day off, do not get angry, mad, stressed, or annoyed no matter what. We deal with enough of these emotions during the week, let’s not give them any more time during “our day”. The bottom line after all, is how you feel, and if you go through these emotions on your day off, you will not have an ideal day that is all about making you feel better. Stay away from negativity and don’t let things get to you on that specific day. You can deal with it however you may want on a regular day, but on your day off, make sure that you are 100% happy and positive. This is a wonderful way to ensure that you truly appreciate your day off and associate it with something that feels good.

Get some fresh air
If we were to calculate how much time we spend in concrete buildings during our lifetime, the number would be astoundingly high. Unless you work in nature, you probably do not spend enough time outside in the environment. This is why your day off is the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air outside and do some outdoors activities. Such things as simple as taking a 20-30 min walk in a park can make a huge difference, not only on how you feel that very day, but it will help your psyche as you go through your everyday grind. Being in nature is very good therapy to release all kinds of stress and anxiety. Personally, I make it a point to go biking on my days off, it’s not only great exercise, but I get to breathe better air than if I were indoors, and it makes my day off even more unique and interesting. Your day off shouldn’t be spent in front of a TV or a computer. You probably do enough of that during the week.

Treat yourself
Your day off should in fact be rewarding. So this is the ideal time to spoil yourself a little. Do something nice for yourself, such as getting a massage, go shopping, eat at your favorite restaurant, and the likes. When you associate your day off with a reward, regardless of what it may be, you will not only look forward to your day off, but you will increase your appreciation of it. This is what we ultimately want to truly enjoy a day off. For example, I know people that do not look forward to a day off because they have associated it with something they do not enjoy. Sure, work can be fun, you can love your job, but no matter how much you love your work, you should love your day off even more. So treat yourself well on your day off and make it a day where you reward yourself for all the hard work that you do during your week.

Take your time
When I am working, I am often going at rapid speed, and I think that it’s the same for most people. After all, in this information & technology age, demands are higher, and productivity needs to be more efficient. Therefore, we end up working at a much faster pace than ever before. This is why I make it a point that I do not do things at such speed on my day off. I take my time, as I do not want my day off to seem like it went by too fast. Besides, you shouldn’t be in a hurry on your day off. You should be calm, relaxed, and just appreciating every minute of it. Whatever it is that you do, such as taking a walk in the park or treating yourself with a little shopping, just take ample time to enjoy yourself and enjoy the experience.

Spend it with people you care about
As we work during the week, we rarely have the time to spend it with people we love. This is why you should spend your day off doing activities with the people that mean a lot in your life. This will bring meaningful joy to what you are doing, and make it not only even more rewarding, but something that you can look forward to during the week. At the end of the day, surrounding ourselves with love is what we all seek for, so this can truly ensure that you have the very best day off you can possibly think of 😉

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  1. Well! I really appreciate your thoughts, very interesting and I am feeling motivated now! 😉

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  3. interesting tips, They are really helping me change my day off mood, Thanks a lot.

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  5. Great advice here, thankyou. I wish I’d read this three days ago instead of at the end of my days off, I’ll print it off for next time 🙂


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