I’ve come across this really great video from Zig Ziglar, a legend in the self improvement industry. It’s definitely worth a look, and you can find the video just below.

In this video, Ziglar discusses a situation when a woman that was angry about her job came to him for help. She believed that everyone else was at fault, and that she was not doing anything wrong. Ziglar mentions how some people that seemingly seek a solution to their problem, don’t necessarily want one. They more or less want the attention that the problem gives them. As well, people that are the problem never realize in fact that they are.

What Ziglar told her to do is quite interesting. He told her to create a list of what she likes about her job. Such things as her pay, her benefits, the convenience, etc. She was reluctant at first but Ziglar made a great point in that people that do not take step #1, never take step #2.

After she was done with the list, it was astoundingly long. He made her recite this list of reasons why she liked her job every morning and every night. A great line in the video is that “the healthiest of all human emotions is gratitude.” This is so very true.

We often whine and moan about silly things and get annoyed, but if we take a step back and realize all the positives that come with those things, we soon wake up to the fact that it’s not as bad as we previously thought. I thought the example in this video is really good, as many people do not like their job and they will be able to relate to this very much.

Remember, everything begins with you. Change your attitude, and you will get different results, 100% guaranteed. Alter the input and the output will be something different. Enjoy the video 😉

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  1. Hi nudgeme….i’m happy you liked the post 🙂 Yes, this is a great example of how some people let their attitude completely destroy their life when all it takes it just a simple change in perspective and the whole mountain of problems is gone!

    Love to get your feedback, keep them coming!


  2. Hi Frederic

    I loved getting this post this morning and thanks for sharing it! It’s almost unbelievable how people can be in so much denial – and this video just captures that so well and, of course, the fact that it’s all about our attitude to things that make the difference. I love the way the video tells the story about the woman in such an amusing way as often it’s through humour that people can really connect with something! Thanks for the post.


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