In one of my recent blogs Why Don’t I Do What I Know I Should Do I mentioned at the end that I would write another blog about the motivators and demotivators that control if we end up doing what we should be doing or not. By understanding them, and how you can use them to your advantage, you gain more leverage into overcoming the hurdles that are blocking you from reaching your full potential.

The Motivators

Money. There’s no denying that this is what drives most people in today’s world. The accumulation of money is a big incentive to do what you need to be doing. Remember, money will not make you happy. However, money can provide you with the opportunity to explore what actually makes you happy, and that in itself is a huge motivator.

Security. What humans strive for since the beginning of time. Whether it was to get shelter and food thousands of years ago, to wearing the appropriate clothes and owning the proper home nowadays, the search for security is a big motivator that pushes you to move ahead.

Achievement. Everyone wants to achieve, but the issue lies in that most people do not want to do what’s necessary to achieve. The world is made up of 5% achievers, and 95% non-achievers. It’s up to you to figure out in which category you truly want to be in. The difference between being “average” and extraordinary really comes down to a matter of choice.

Recognition. This is a huge motivator. Look at what people do to get noticed. Look at YouTube. It is based on this principle alone. People will do absolutely anything to be recognized. As long as it is used in a healthy fashion, this is a motivator that can really drive you to do what you need to be doing.

The Demotivators

Fear of losing security.
Many people do not want to “gamble” what they currently have in hopes of getting more. However, remember this…if you don’t give up some of your current time, space, money, attention, etc. how will new achievements ever come to fruition? You need to give a little to get a little more.

Fear of failure. Everyone is afraid to fall flat on their face and have to deal with failure. Do you know what’s the key to never ever failing? Don’t try. Don’t do anything. Then, you are guaranteed to not fail. Everyone who’s ever done anything has failed miserably numerous times. It’s part of life and it is part of succeeding. Remember this thought: I’m too proud of my future to beat myself out of it.

Self Doubt. Either created within or by others around you, this can cripple you from accomplishing what you want. The moment you decide to step out of a life of being “average”, all doubts dissipate into the air. Doubt disappears when you completely commit yourself to whatever it is that you are doing. The moment you stop asking yourself, “what did i do wrong?” and ask “what did I do right?” is the moment when you shift self doubt into self acceptance.

Pain of change. Perhaps the most difficult demotivator to conquer. Any change requires some pain. Pain of letting a part of you “die”. The old self turns into a new one. Remember, the world constantly reinvent itself. Change is inevitable. As well, remember that any change initiated by yourself is much less painful than being forced to change by circumstances. Keep in mind, the pain of change is forgotten once the benefits of that change are realized.

By understanding what motivates us day in and day out, as well as what takes away from our motivation, we can carve ourselves a better path that will avoid these pitfalls and increase our chances of success enormously. Embrace the motivators and use them to your advantage. Face the demotivators head on and create the habit of recognizing them when they appear and conquering them immediately. Once you’ve mastered this, you are on your way to leading a new, much more fulfilled existence.
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  1. Hi Avani,

    good point. The thing is, that pain is both a motivator and a demotivator. Pain can make you do things, or paralyze you from doing anything. It’s quite interesting indeed!


  2. One great motivator that I know of is pain. People will do anything to avoid pain. If we create right association with pain, it can work wonders.

  3. One great motivator that I know of is pain. People will do anything to avoid pain. If we create right association with pain, it can work wonders.


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