I was doing some research on common fears, and I was somewhat surprised at the actual #1 most common fear in the world. Got a guess? It is Arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders! This surprised me, because I am not terribly afraid of spiders to begin with (I don’t like them but when you stop and think that you are thousands of times bigger than one, it helps!), and over the years, I do not recall one single client that requested or had an issue dealing with arachnophobia.

My guess would have been fear of public speaking or fear of rejection, as these are very much in demand and highly requested. When you think about it, fear of spider is not something that you deal with everyday, nor is it something that can affect you so greatly that you cannot work or that blocks you from advancing in life, thus why it is not very high up on the scale of fears to resolve for people, even though it is the most common fear! Ironic isn’t it? As long as you stay away from spiders, there is no immediate need to cure the fear, unless you work at an insectarium!

Why are people so afraid of spiders, and not ants for example? Both are tiny insects, multi-legged, and are very quick. Is it perhaps the fact that we have grown up in a society where spiders have been vilified and made into these “dangerous and tiny monsters”? Something to think about indeed. If you are afraid of spiders though, just remember that spiders are highly unlikely to bite humans, as they do not see us as preys (remember, we are thousands of times bigger, they should be terrified of us!). And by the way, the whole story about how we all swallow like 20 spiders throughout our lifetime…it is nothing but an urban legend. So don’t be afraid to sleep at night thinking that a spider will crawl into your mouth, it’s just a myth.

If your fear of spiders is totally out of control, don’t be shy and message me. I will be more than happy to help you out. Hmm, maybe a good hypnosis course on arachnophobia sounds like a good idea 😉

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  1. I agree with the above comment but would like to add that the risk of getting Guillain Barre from the vaccine is smaller than the risk of getting it after contracting the flu itself.

  2. Hello Patrick,

    Thank you for your message. Spiders can indeed be a nuisance. There are a few things that you can do. First, you can find the source of these spiders. Perhaps outside your basement windows and doors, check it out and get rid of webs. Where I live, there is a time of the year, usually spring, when there are tons of spiders. By spraying and destroying the webs outside, they will not be able to come inside. That’s one thing you can do.

    Also, as I mentioned in my article, you need to remember how much bigger you are than a spider! Could you imagine if there was a giant species big like a sky scraper that would be terrified of us? Spiders cannot hurt or harm you. You are in control here, remember that. If you encounter one, just get rid of it, BAM! 2 secs, and move on about your business. Don’t dwell on it. Tell yourself, “my life will not be controlled by an insect, I dare them to come near me, it’s their loss!” Change your position, from the victim role to the role of the one in control. Because that’s the logical thing to do here. By realizing that you are indeed in control and that you are the much bigger and more powerful creature between the two, you will get calmer and calmer. Face this issue head on, don’t try to avoid it. Remember this quote: “Do what you fear, and you control fear”.

    As well, I suggest you read up on spiders. You see, when we learn a bit more about something we don’t quite know or understand, we can turn fear into a positive understanding 🙂

  3. Frederic,

    i am having a bit of a crisis. i am currently attending college as an off-campus student (i was unable to obtain housing on-campus). so, i live in a basement of a ranch house with five other guys and there are spiders. the situation is how i know it: this is a farm, I am living in a basement…so this is spider-ville. i am finding them behind my bed (they’re not really big but big enough to give me goosebumps.) the earliest I can get out is for next semester and that won’t be until january…i’ve got quite awhile. how do i calm myself down without doing one of two things (or even both): freak out entirely and give myself an aneurism and/or spray and saturate my room with spider killer (and possibly accidently killing myself in the process). i need to bust through this or i am going to lose a lot of sleep and that’s not very good for education. what do you suggest?


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